Salt & Spices

  • Product Image of Dipping Spices

    Dipping Spices

    A unique collection of four varieties in one container, DeLallo Dipping Seasoning Spices feature favorite Italian herbs and spices perfect for accompanying olive oil as a traditional Italian appetizer. These bold and flavorful spices can be used in a...

  • DeLallo Pizza Seasoning, front

    Pizza Seasoning

    DeLallo Pizza Seasoning Spices bring together four different varieties of herb and spice combinations in a convenient shaker container: Crushed Red Pepper, Roasted Garlic & Cheese, Classic Italian Herb and Zesty Garlic & Onion. These exciting...

  • Front image of our Sea Salt Grinder.

    Sea Salt Grinder

    DeLallo Sea Salt is harvested from the California coast, where ocean water from the Pacific is collected and slowly evaporated forming its pure white crystals. Unlike common table salt, sea salt owns a coarser texture and superior taste, due to the...