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    Elbow Macaroni

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    Elbow Macaroni is a distinct pasta shape of small curved tubes best known for its feature in the baked pasta classic, Macaroni and Cheese. Elbow pasta is perfect for capturing sauces and small bits of ingredients in their hollow bends.

    DeLallo Pasta comes from the town where pasta was born, a region near Naples, at the beginning of the Amalfi Coast. The art of making our pasta begins with the very best quality wheat. We carefully choose wheat with the highest gluten index, gluten content and protein content. All of these characteristics affect how the pasta cooks, as well as its taste and texture. The durum wheat is milled into coarse ground semolina flour and then carefully kneaded with cold, fresh, mineral-rich mountain spring water. We dry our pasta slowly at low temperatures to reproduce the traditional way of making pasta. This method respects the ingredients, preserving the pasta’s color, texture and aroma.

    • Made in Italy with an exclusive blend of durum wheat.
    • Extruded with traditional bronze dies, creating a rougher surface texture to capture sauces.
    • Cooks up perfectly for that signature al dente bite.
    • The iconic pasta shape for macaroni and cheese.

    Kitchen and Usage Tips:

    Elbow Macaroni is more than a feature of the macaroni and cheese duo, but also a fun c-shaped pasta that shines in a number of incredible pasta dishes and sauces. Elbows capture thicker sauces and small ingredients in their hollow bends, so besides cheesy baked pasta, they are great for cold picnic pasta salads, rich tomato-based sauces, lush cream sauces and primavera-style sauces loaded with vegetables.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What Is Elbow Macaroni? With roots in Northern and Central Italy, Elbow Macaroni is one of the most popular pasta shapes. Elbows are made with durum wheat semolina and extruded into small curved tubes resembling a C shape. These lovable tubes are most famous for their role in the iconic baked pasta dish, Macaroni and Cheese.

    Is There Another Name For Elbow Macaroni? In the U.S., elbows, elbow pasta, elbow macaroni, macaroni… all are names for these small, half-moon-shaped pasta.

    What Do They Call Elbow Macaroni In Italy? In Italy, Elbow Macaroni is referred to as Gomiti, which means “elbows” in Italian. In Italy, Elbows vary in size and can be smooth or ridged. Some are even twisted tube shapes.

    What Is The Difference Between Elbow Macaroni And Macaroni? In the U.S., the titles of Elbow Macaroni, Macaroni and Elbows are all referring to the same elbow-shaped pasta. This is most likely because of their famous role in Macaroni and Cheese.

    Learn more about pasta shapes.

    What Is The Difference Between Elbow Macaroni And Cavatappi? Cavatappi are curly pasta tubes that are longer in length and thicker than the standard Elbow Macaroni. Elbows are just one small pasta shape with a bend—similar to a half moon or C shape.

    What Is Elbow Macaroni Used For? Elbow Macaroni is a small, versatile pasta shape perfect for everything from soups to cheesy baked pasta. Their curved hollows are sturdy, though tiny, and perfect for scooping up sauces and small bits of ingredients like Italian sausage, vegetables, cheeses and more. While Elbows are famous for their feature in the ultimate comfort food, Macaroni and Cheese, they also make great pasta for meat sauces, tomato sauces, cream sauces and even pasta salads. In Italy, Elbow Macaroni is a popular pasta in broth-based soups.

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