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Large - DeLallo Greek Mezze Entertaining Collection


Price as configured: $120.00

DeLallo Feta Wedge 8 oz.  
DeLallo Sliced Sweet Sopressata Pack 5 oz.  
DeLallo Ready Pack Jumbo Pitted Calamata Seasoned 7 oz.  
DeLallo Crostini Sesame 3.5 oz.  
DeLallo Grilled Artichoke Halves 12 oz.  
Gold BellaVitano Wedge 5.3 oz  
Italian Herb Dry Cured Sausage 7 oz.  
Prince Omar Stuffed Grape Leaves 14 oz.  
Sweet & Tangy Pepper Drops 4.3 oz.  
Manchego Wedge 8 oz.  
DeLallo Sliced Prosciutto Pack 5 oz.  
DeLallo Fig Spread 10 oz.  
DeLallo Italian Olive Tapenade 6.7 oz.  
Raw Almonds - 5 oz.  
DeLallo Roasted Red Peppers 12oz  
DeLallo Whole Mild Pepperoncini 16 oz.  
Sesame Focaccia Toasts 3.5 oz.  
Slate Board - 10" x 18"  

Price as configured: $120.00



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This exciting themed gourmet gift basket features Greek-inspired mezze platter favorites: feta cheese, Calamata olives, crispy Crostini Toasts, hummus, cured meat and more. Perfectly paired by our antipasti experts to enjoy and share, this bright and briny collection is as easy to love as it is to gift. The savory gourmet goodies in this classic collection are some of DeLallo’s best-loved bites, so you know they are sure to impress at their next dinner party or cocktail occasion.


Looking to upgrade the presentation? Take this gourmet Entertaining Collection to the next level with a rustic slate board for serving.

  • -Features Greek-inspired mezze platter favorites.
  • -Boasts irresistibly bright and briny classic Greek flavors.
  • -Ready-to-serve and perfectly paired antipasto collection.
  • -Upgrade the presentation with a slate board to serve.

DeLallo Entertaining Collection feature gourmet antipasto favorites from the Mediterranean and beyond. Hand-selected and perfectly paired, these ready-to-serve bites are designed to create impressive cheese boards, tapas plates, charcuterie boards and cocktail hour hors d’oeuvres. Whether you’re looking for unique Christmas gifts, special occasion gift baskets or some of your own entertainment inspiration, each collection is sure to make an edible impression with thoughtful complementary pairings and a colorful epicurean presentation.

Note: This product is perishable and may require expedited shipping to maintain product integrity depending on the delivery location. Please see our shipping policies for more information.


Stressed out trying to find the perfect holiday gift or Christmas gift basket for friends, family or corporate gift giving occasions? Forget the itchy sweaters and fruit baskets and give them what they’ve been craving: tasty Mediterranean goodies. DeLallo gourmet gift collections are the perfect way to show appreciation, say “thank you” and spread the holiday cheer. 

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