DeLallo Organic Grocery Items

Organic products are grown naturally without the use of toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and GMOs. We offer a select line of imported Italian organic groceries to include semolina pasta, organic whole-wheat pasta, plum tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil. Each certified-organic DeLallo product is made to meet strict USDA Organic standards, while living up to the quality and consistency of the DeLallo name.

DeLallo Organic Italian Pasta: Semolina & Whole-Wheat Varieties

DeLallo’s lineup of certified-organic pasta begins with the finest organic durum wheat harvested in the fields of Puglia, Italy. Made with just wheat and water, our traditional Organic Pasta and Organic Whole-Wheat Pasta come in a variety of cuts — from classic spaghetti to popular recipe-inspired cuts such as Orzo and Farfalle. Like all of our pasta, each organic pasta selection features the signature fresh-bread flavor and al dente bite for which great Italian pasta is famous!

DeLallo Organic Tomatoes

Grown and hand-harvested in southern Italy, DeLallo Italian Organic Tomatoes are picked at the peak of ripeness. We offer these exquisite tomatoes in three kitchen-ready varieties: Organic Crushed Tomatoes, Organic Diced Tomatoes and Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes. These certified-organic tomatoes boast a natural sweetness and a delicate texture ready to shine in soups, stews, sauces and more.

DeLallo Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold-extracted and made from the first pressing of olives. The resulting oil boasts a bold olive flavor: bright and fruity with a light peppery finish. Our Organic Olive Oil is crafted with only certified-organic Italian olives picked for their complementary flavor profiles. While it is best enjoyed raw as a drizzle, dip or dressing, this superior Italian oil is great for roasting, grilling and sautéing.