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    Top image of our Sweet and Spicy Pepper Cheese Dip cup.

    Sweet & Spicy Pepper Cheese Dip

    DeLallo Sweet & Spicy Pepper Cheese Dip features the irresistible combination of zesty red cherry peppers and herbed cream cheese. This flavorful dip is a unique appetizer and ready to serve with pretzels, gourmet crisps, pita chips, crackers or...

  • Front image of our Marinated Artichoke Hearts.

    Marinated Artichokes

    DeLallo Marinated Artichokes feature quartered artichoke hearts packed in a savory blend of oil and spices to complement their mild, earthy sweetness—perfect for partnering up with specialty cheeses, cured meats, olives and other antipasti, these beloved...

  • Product image of grapeseed oil

    Grapeseed Oil

    DeLallo Grapeseed Oil is made from the pressing of grape seeds, a by-product of the winemaking process. Grapeseed Oil is a neutral flavored oil perfect for everyday applications like salad dressings, marinades and sauces. With a high smoke point of...

  • Product Image of Avocado Oil

    Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

    Made with only 100% handpicked Chilean Hass Avocados, DeLallo Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is an all-natural, heart-healthy oil boasting a vibrant emerald green hue and bold avocado flavor. Our prized oil is cold-pressed to capture a full, fresh avocado...

  • Front image of our Italian Acacia Honey with Almonds.

    Italian Acacia Honey with Almonds

    A unique topping and stunning cheese board feature, this gourmet condiment combines delicately sweet and aromatic Italian acacia honey with crisp almonds. It is both eye-catching and delicious—the perfect complement to soft, creamy cheeses as well...