Fruit and Nuts

  • Pistachios Gift Bag 2lbs

    Pistachios Gift Bag 2lbs

    There’s something almost regal about the pistachio. They’re slightly sweet with a mild and nutty flavor... and so much fun to crack into. Whether you’re a pistachio lover yourself or are looking for a pistachio gift, this gourmet treat...

  • Dried Cranberries

    Dried Cranberries

    Dried Cranberries are vibrant and tangy-sweet with a chewy bite. Great for snacking and serving, cranberries add a bright fruity flavor to salads, trail mixes, cheese boards, charcuterie plates, antipasto platters and more. 

  • Dried Pears

    Dried Pears

    Dried Pears are sweet and mild with an irresistible soft and chewy texture. Perfect for snacking and serving, pears add a mild and fragrant sweetness to salads, cheese pairings, charcuterie boards, antipasto plates and more.

  • Italian Acacia Honey with Almonds

    Italian Acacia Honey with Almonds

    A unique topping and stunning cheese board feature, this gourmet condiment combines delicately sweet and aromatic Italian acacia honey with crisp almonds. It is both eye-catching and delicious—the perfect complement to soft, creamy cheeses as well...

  • Roasted & Salted Cashews

    Roasted & Salted Cashews

    Keep it simple with our jumbo-sized Raw Cashews. Boasting a natural buttery, sweet flavor with a crisp bite, these beloved nuts are a great way to snack healthy and simply, or add them to your favorite trail mixes.

  • Raw Almonds 5 oz.

    Raw Almonds 5 oz.

    Raw almonds are pure, unsalted, unadulterated snacking bliss. Sweet with a mild nutty flavor and smooth snappy crunch, almonds are perfect for eating straight from the bag or mixing in with your favorite trail mix of dried fruit, seeds and granola.

  • Dried Cherries

    Dried Cherries

    Dried Cherries are tart and sweet with an irresistibly chewy texture. Perfect for snacking and entertaining, cherries add a burst of fragrant fruity flavor to salads, snack mixes, cheese plates, charcuterie boards, antipasto spreads and more.