Roasted Tomatoes

Bring the smoky-sweet goodness of chargrilled tomatoes to your next creation.


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Roasted Tomatoes - The Delallo Difference

Give your pasta sauces, tomato soups and salsas a sweet smoky flavor with DeLallo Fire Roasted Tomatoes. These flavorful diced tomatoes are an all-star ingredient—both a convenient canned diced tomato, but one with a stunning flavor profile. We start with red-ripe California Roma tomatoes picked at just the right moment, and then we chargrill them for that signature sweet smoky flavor. Tomatoes are diced and then packed in a light juice—ready to add another dimension to your favorite dishes. Unlike tomato sauce or purée, this canned tomato product gives your recipes texture that will hold up to cooking.


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Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes


These are no ordinary diced tomatoes! DeLallo Fire-Roasted Tomatoes feature California Roma tomatoes that have been chargrilled for a sweet smoky flavor you are going to love. This variety is packed in a light juice.


The Best Roasted Tomatoes To Use In Your Favorite Italian Dishes

There are diced tomatoes and then there are DeLallo Fire Roasted Tomatoes. Unlock that incredible smoky flavor with this ready-to-use ingredient in all of your favorite Italian recipes and beyond. Sure, you can make homemade fire-roasted tomatoes by putting your fresh summer tomatoes in the oven on a baking sheet for 30 minutes or more. But who has time for that? Our red-ripe California Roma tomatoes are chargrilled for another level of flavor—beyond tomatoes in the oven. These diced tomatoes are a hit in your traditional go-to Italian dishes like bruschetta, tomato soups, pizza sauces, pasta sauces and more. More than Italian recipes, Fire Roasted Tomatoes are also a natural complement to Tex Mex dishes such as salsas, tacos and quesadillas.


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