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A Guide To Olive Oil  100% IMPORTED ITALIAN

A Guide To Olives

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The Best Olive Oil For Cooking, Drinking, Drizzling, And Grilling - Taste The Difference

Olive oil is the only cooking oil you need, really. As a key component in the famous Mediterranean Diet, olive oil is known for its health benefits, as well as its delicious flavor profile. There are many types of olive oil, each created for a different use—from the raw, bold olive flavor of extra virgin olive oil to the refined pure varieties refined for high-heat cooking. DeLallo brand boasts every olive oil for every kitchen usage, using only the best ingredients and boasting the integrity and consistency of our trusted name, as experts in Italian and Mediterranean foods.

Real Authentic Olive Oil Unrivaled In Quality

“... consistency of flavor, color, texture and freshness”

Don’t be fooled by other, lesser quality oils calling themselves Italian extra virgin olive oil. DeLallo uses only the very best olives in our signature Extra Virgin Olive Oils. To create a superior oil from a single country of origin, olives are tended, harvested, cold-pressed and bottled in Italy. Because olives are cold pressed, this means there is no heat or chemicals used to extract the oil. The resulting oil is a bold olive flavor that is great for “raw” applications: drizzling, bread dipping, salad dressings and more. What sets DeLallo Extra Virgin Olive Oil apart from the rest is its consistency of color, texture, flavor and freshness—a difference you can taste in everything you create.

DeLallo Oil: FAQ

What Is Olive Oil? 

Olive oil is the oil that is extracted from the olive fruit, which grows on olive trees. This can be done by pressing or a combination of pressing, heat and chemicals. The flavor is determined by the olive or olives used, as well as which method of extraction is used.

What Is Olive Oil Good For? How Do I Use?

Olive oil can be used for everything from frying and grilling to dressing and baking. There are different varieties of olive oil that determine which application it is best for. Extra virgin olive oil is made simply by the first cold press of olives and is best enjoyed in its raw form as a drizzle or salad dressing. Pure or Extra Light Olive Oil varieties are refined oils with a higher smoke point, which make them the better cooking oils. These olive oils are great for frying, grilling, sautéing, baking and braising.

What Are The Benefits Of Olive Oil?

Olives and olive oil are a highlight of the Mediterranean diet. This diet refers to the eating habits of those living along the Mediterranean Sea (Italy, Spain, France and Greece). Olives and their oil are high in Vitamin E, along with other antioxidants. This long-studied diet has been proven to prevent bone disease and cancer, as well as reduce inflammation and blood pressure. Because olives contain healthy fats (known as mono-unsaturated fat), they help to regulate cholesterol and aid in the prevention of heart disease, studies show.

Is Olive Oil Good To Have Every Day?

Olive oil can be used every day in any and all of your kitchen creations. There is an olive oil style for all of your recipes. Just be sure to choose the right one for your needs.

How Do I Choose The Best Olive Oil?

There are many imposter extra virgin olive oils out there. When shopping for a quality extra virgin olive oil at the grocery store, there are a few features to look for on the label. First, determine the country of origin. Be sure that your extra virgin olive oil is from one country of origin. Just because it says “Produced in Italy,” for example, does not mean the olives come from Italy. Extra virgin olive oil is cold-pressed by definition, so make sure your oil notes this. Lastly, locate the date on the bottle. Extra virgin olive oil has a shelf-life of 1 year after pressing. It will degrade just as any other oil. For more info on choosing the best extra virgin olive oil, check out our article, “How to Choose Olive Oil.”

How Do I Store Olive Oil After Opening?

To maintain the integrity of your olive oil, it is best to store it away from heat and light in a cool, dark cabinet. Heat and light will degrade olive oil more quickly. Also, we recommend buying smaller bottles of EVOO, as once opened, oil should be used within the month. Unless you can consume a large bottle quickly, choose a smaller option.