Spreads & Tapenades

  • Front view of our jar of Fig Spread.

    Fig Spread

    DeLallo Fig Spread is a perfect cheeseboard complement. Featuring fresh handpicked Greek Kalamata figs, the mild and honeyed fruitiness of this superstar spread is ready to add a new dimension to best-loved cheeses—an easy but delicious detail...

  • Front image of our jar of Sour Cherry Spread.

    Sour Cherry Spread

    DeLallo Sour Cherry Spread is a colorful cheese board accent featuring ripe summertime cherries. This unique fruity condiment brings a sweet, mouth-puckering tartness to best-loved cheeses. - Made with ripe summertime cherries. - Boasts an irresistibly...

  • Front image of our jar of Apricot Spread.

    Apricot Spread

    DeLallo Apricot Spread features fragrant tree-ripened apricots for a mild, honeyed fruitiness ready to bring out new and exciting flavors in all your favorite cheeses. Dazzle cheese boards, charcuterie plates, antipasto spreads, flatbreads, paninis,...