Spreads & Tapenades

  • Product image of Greek Herb Drizzle oil in 8.45 oz. glass bottle

    Greek Herb Drizzle Oil (8.45 oz)

    DeLallo Greek Herb Drizzle Oil is an easy way to add a burst of herbaceous Greek flavor to so many of your favorite everyday dishes. A versatile condiment and kitchen ingredient, this infused oil features robust garlic and a balanced bouquet of fragrant...

  • Product image of Sweet and Spicy Drizzle oil in 8.45 oz. glass bottle

    Sweet And Spicy Drizzle Oil (8.45 oz)

    DeLallo Sweet and Spicy Drizzle Oil is an exciting condiment and kitchen ingredient that is ready to spice up so many of your favorite foods. Inspired by the big flavors of Southern Italian cuisine, this versatile oil is infused with garlic, sweet red...

  • Product image of garlic parmesan drizzle oil in 8.45 oz. glass bottle

    Garlic Parmesan Drizzle Oil (8.45 oz.)

    DeLallo Garlic Parmesan Drizzle Oil is a versatile condiment for adding a burst of garlicky cheesy goodness to your favorite everyday creations. This exquisite oil combines nutty Parmesan cheese, punchy garlic, fragrant Italian herbs and a touch of...