Cornichons Jar

Product Weight:
7.1 oz


DeLallo Cornichons are tiny pickled cucumbers boasting an irresistibly crunchy texture and a flavor that is briny, bright and tangy with a slight sweetness. These mini gherkins are delicately brined in small batches to guarantee the fresh, crisp flavor you love in each jar of cornichons. 

Famous for their feature on French charcuterie plates and cheese boards, cornichons are perfectly pickled and ready to pair up with your favorite cured meats, cheeses and antipasti. These tiny pickles are a crunchy complement to a number of specialty cheeses, from soft Brie to sharp Gruyère.

  • Crisp, crunchy texture
  • A burst of bright and briny, tart pickled flavor
  • Made in small batches
  • Tiny size makes them perfect for snacks and garnishes
  • Traditional French charcuterie plate feature
  • Vegan/Vegetarian
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher

Kitchen and Usage Tips:

Cornichons are more than just tiny pickles to perk up your charcuterie plate, they add an irresistible crunch and a bright and briny burst of flavor to a number of your favorite everyday creations. Chop or slice cornichons to include in green salads, pasta salads and creamy potato salads. Feature them in sandwiches and wraps. Use them to create a flavorful tartar sauce, relish or chutney. Cornichons are a great garnish and ingredient in appetizers like deviled eggs, canapés and crostini. When it comes to drinks, cornichons can be used to create a pickleback shot, a unique dirty martini or a loaded Bloody Mary.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are Cornichons? Cornichons are small pickled cucumbers that are commonly used as a condiment or garnish in various cuisines, particularly in French and German cuisine. The word "cornichon" is derived from the French word for “little horns.”

Cornichons are excellent additions to cheese and charcuterie plates as a featured antipasto. In French cuisine, cornichons are often served alongside pâtés and terrines. They are also commonly used as an ingredient in tartar sauce and various salad dressings. In German cuisine, cornichons are a popular accompaniment to sausages and are commonly found in traditional dishes. 

Cornichons are enjoyed for their tangy and crunchy qualities, providing a contrast to other flavors in a dish. Jars of cornichons can be found in grocery stores, along with at your local self-serve olive bar (usually located in the deli department) and are widely available in many parts of the world.

How Do I Pronounce Cornichons? The word cornichons is pronounced cor-nuh-shons. 

What Do Cornichons Taste Like? Cornichons are famously delicious tiny pickles with a distinct flavor that sets them apart from other types of pickles. Because of their specific pickling process, these small cucumbers are tart, vinegary, slightly sweet and notably less sour than traditional dill pickles.

Are Cornichons Sweet? Cornichons are not sweet pickles, but of the sour variety. They are often described as slightly sweet in flavor, but this is not due to a sweet brining or pickling process.

What Is The Difference Between Cornichons And Gherkins? Gherkins are a type of small cucumber, or pickling cucumber, that can be up to 5 inches long. Cornichons are a specific French variety of gherkins that are much smaller, as they are harvested in their early, more immature state.

What Is The Difference Between Cornichons And Pickles? A “pickle” is a broad term to describe all cucumbers that go through a sour or sweet pickling process. There are many styles of pickles and these varieties are based on the type of cucumber, how they are cut, their pickling process and what herbs and spices are used. These pickle styles include dill, bread and butter chips, spicy, gherkins and cornichons. Truly, though, you can pickle almost anything by brining it. If you use that definition, so many things can be called “pickles.”

What Is The Difference Between Cornichons And Cucumbers? Cornichons are just small cucumbers that undergo a brining or pickling process to create a crisp, crunchy cucumber bursting with tangy, vinegary, sour flavors.

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