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    Almond Stuffed Olives (Jar)

    Product Weight:
    5.8 oz.


    DeLallo Almond Stuffed Olives are ready to upgrade charcuterie boards, cheese plates, savory cocktails and leafy green salads. We start with plump and meaty green Halkidiki olives that are pitted and then stuffed with crunchy, mildly sweet almonds for a stunning harmony of briny, tart and nutty-sweet flavors. Stuffed olives are made for snacking or serving right from the jar!

    • Starring the young green Halkidiki olive from Greece.
    • Meaty green olives with a tangy bite.
    • Stuffed with crisp, nutty-sweet almonds.
    • Unique contrast of textures and flavors.
    • Ready-to-serve snack and garnish.
    • Garnish savory cocktails like dry martinis and Bloody Marys.

    Kitchen and Usage Tips:

    Add a new dimension to cold pasta salads and leafy greens. Skewer stuffed olives to create gourmet garnishes for dry martinis and Bloody Marys. Feature on cheese plates, charcuterie boards and other antipasti like specialty cheeses, cured meats and gourmet toasts or crackers.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What are almond stuffed olives?

    Almond stuffed olives are crisp green olives that have been pitted and then filled with sweet and nutty almonds. They are gourmet antipasto that can be enjoyed right from the jar as a snack, an entertaining feature and a garnish for savory cocktails.

    Are almond stuffed olives good for you?

    Both almonds and olives are considered healthy. Olives and their oil are a part of the Mediterranean diet, a famously healthy diet typical of those living in the Mediterranean. Olives contain antioxidants and nutrients such as iron, vitamin A and vitamin E, as well as monounsaturated fats known as the “healthy fats.”  Almond contain healthy fats too, as well as protein, fiber and magnesium.

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