Grilled Artichoke Halves

Product Weight:
12 oz.


DeLallo Grilled Artichoke Hearts are harvested at the peak of flavor, then chargrilled to bring out their natural sweetness. Our artichokes are packed in oil to preserve their tender yielding texture and irresistible smoky-sweet flavor. DeLallo Grilled Artichoke Hearts are a versatile ingredient perfect for salads, pizzas, flatbreads, hot and cold pasta recipes, sandwiches and dips. They are also a ready-to-serve antipasto, paired up with complementary meats, specialty cheeses and olives. - Seed-grown artichokes harvested in Peru. - Packed in oil to preserve their tender yielding texture. - A beloved antipasto with an irresistible smoky-sweet flavor. - Versatile and ready-to-use kitchen ingredient.

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