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    Grissini Breadsticks

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    4.4 oz.


    DeLallo Grissini Breadsticks are a traditional Italian snack, antipasto and meal complement. These irresistible breadsticks are made in Italy, where they are brushed with extra virgin olive oil, studded with sea salt and then baked to the perfect golden brown crunch. Our Grissini Breadsticks are light and airy with a savory fresh-bread flavor and an unmistakable wavy, handmade shape. 

    Crispy complement to pasta recipes, fresh green salads and antipasto spreads. True to tradition, our Italian Breadsticks are brushed with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkled with sea salt and then baked to golden brown perfection. Their light, airy crunch and savory fresh-bread flavor make them a favorite for entertaining on charcuterie boards and cheese plates. Pair them up with bruschetta, olives, cured meats and cheeses, creamy dips and more.

    • Made in Italy.
    • Traditional antipasto and snack.
    • Homestyle wavy shape.
    • Simply seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.
    • Golden brown crunch with a fresh bread flavor.
    • Charcuterie and cheese board complement.
    • No artificial colors or preservatives.
    • Non-GMO.
    • Vegetarian/Vegan.

    Kitchen and Usage Tips:

    Grissini Breadsticks go with just about everything! Serve them as a crispy complement to pasta dinners. Enjoy the contrast of flavors and textures alongside soups and fresh salads. Grissini make for an elegant feature on charcuterie boards with Genoa salami, prosciutto, herb-rubbed sausages and other cured meats. Likewise, these Italian breadsticks pair up perfectly with creamy cheeses like Brie and mozzarella. They are an eye-catching addition to antipasto presentations of olives, peppers, artichokes and more. We won’t tell if you snack on them straight from the box!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What are grissini breadsticks?

    Grissini breadsticks are traditional Italian breadsticks that originated in the Piedmont region of Italy. They have a homestyle wavy shape, a golden brown crunch and a fresh-bread flavor. Unlike the soft breadsticks that you get at your local pizza shop, grissini breadsticks are thin and crispy with an irresistible crunch. The bread dough is made with wheat flour, yeast and water. The dough is formed into long wavy ropes, brushed with extra virgin olive oil and then sprinkled with sea salt. The breadsticks are baked for a golden brown hue and crunchy texture. Some grissini breadsticks are made with sesame seeds or poppy seeds too.

    What are grissini breadsticks made of?

    True to tradition, DeLallo Grissini Breadsticks are made with wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.

    Why are breadsticks called grissini?

    These Italian breadsticks are called grissini, a word that comes from the Piedmontese dialect to mean “elongated shape,” referring to their long bread shape.

    What do Italians eat grissini with?

    In Italy, grissini breadsticks are enjoyed with practically everything! They are served at dinner as a crispy complement to soups, pasta and salads. Italians enjoy grissini breadsticks as a simple snack and antipasto. Their golden brown crunch and delicate savory flavor is a natural complement to other Italian antipasti and charcuterie board favorites like creamy cheeses, cured meats, pickled veggies, bruschetta, olives—you name it!

    What is the difference between grissini breadsticks and traditional Italian breadsticks?

    The difference between DeLallo Grissini Breadsticks and DeLallo Traditional Italian Breadsticks is their homestyle shape. Our Grissini Breadsticks have a more rustic presentation with a wavy shape. Both are crispy and golden brown with an irresistible fresh bread flavor.

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