Italian Acacia Honey with Almonds

Product Weight:
6 oz.


A unique topping and stunning cheese board feature, this gourmet condiment combines delicately sweet and aromatic Italian acacia honey with crisp almonds. It is both eye-catching and delicious—the perfect complement to soft, creamy cheeses as well as nutty, aged classics like Grana Padano and Parmigiano-Reggiano. The sweet golden honey mellows piquant blues beautifully.

We love pairing these honey-drenched almonds with Gorgonzola and fresh cut pears or apples.


  • Made in Italy with pure acacia Italian honey and crisp almonds without skins.
  • Complement to charcuterie plates and cheese boards.
  • Irresistible salty-sweet topping and condiment.
  • Beautiful addition to gourmet gift baskets.
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