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    Organic 00 Flour

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    17.6 oz.


    DeLallo Organic 00 Flour is a superior certified-organic Italian wheat that is specially milled and sifted for the optimal ultra-fine texture. This powder-like texture and its superb gluten content make for the perfect elasticity for pizza dough. An essential ingredient in traditional Italian bakeries and pizzerias, Organic 00 flour (also known as type 00 flour) is the gold standard. Use it to create pizza pies, fresh pastas, breads, Italian sweets like crostata and much more.

    Honor all of your Italian recipes with authentic Italian ingredients like our high-quality organic 00 flour from Italy.

    • Certified-organic 00 flour made with Italian wheat.

    • Ultra-fine powder-like texture and Ideal gluten-content.

    • Authentic and essential ingredient for pizzeria-style pizzas.

    • Creates thin and crispy crusts as well as thicker chewier Neapolitan-style crusts.

    • Superior flour for pizza pies, fresh pastas, Italian sweets, breads and much more.

    Kitchen and Usage Tips:

    Organic 00 flour is the top choice for pizzeria-style pizzas boasting that signature chewy, crisp crust. 00 flour is more than just pizza flour, but can be used to create calzones, stromboli, focaccia breads, breadsticks, Italian sweets and more.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is organic 00 flour [double zero flour]?

    Organic 00 flour, also known as type 00 flour, is a worldwide standard that refers to the texture of the flour or how finely it is ground. Type 00 flour is expertly milled for an ultra-fine, nearly powder-like texture in feel and in appearance. This superfine texture gives pizza dough a light and airy texture. Organic 00 flour is made with wheat that has been certified organic, or grown without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers nor other artificial agents.

    What can I make with organic 00 flour?

    Organic 00 flour makes excellent pizzeria-style pies with the perfect airy, chewy texture and crisp crusts, but that’s not all! Create a number of baked Italian goods with type 00 flour: fresh pasta, calzones, stromboli, focaccia breads, Italian sweets and more.

    What is the difference between organic 00 flour and 00 flour?

    The only difference between organic 00 flour and 00 flour is that the organic flour is made with wheat that has been certified organic. Certified organic wheat consists of grains that have been grown without the aid of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and the like. Both flours are wheat that has been ground superfinely for a silky, powder-like texture.

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