Bruschettas, Tapenades & Spreads

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    A view of the top of our Sicilian Bruschetta cup.

    Sicilian Bruschetta

    Capturing the true essense of Southern Italian flavor, this spicy bruschetta features rich ripe tomatoes, briny black and green olives and fiery peppers in a medley of select spices. A fresh and flavorful presentation, our Bruschetta Cup Collection is an...

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    A top view of our Fresh Tomato Bruschetta cup.

    Fresh Tomato Bruschetta

    DeLallo Italian Tomato Bruschetta is a brilliant Italian-style antipasto boasting a rich, robust tomato flavor accented with fragrant basil pesto and nutty Parmesan. A fresh and flavorful presentation, our Bruschetta Cup Collection is an easy way to...

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    Top view of our Muffaletta Bruschetta cup.

    Muffaletta Bruschetta

    This classic antipasto spread features chopped green and black olives alongside a medley of sweet red and yellow peppers and garlic in a complementary marinade of olive oil and spices.This classic antipasto spread features tart and briny olives alongside...

  • The front image of our jar of Eggplant Caponata.

    Eggplant Caponata

    DeLallo Eggplant Caponata is a zesty, all-natural Italian antipasto featuring a bold blend of eggplant, black olives and tangy tomatoes in a sweet vinegar marinade. Crafted in its birthplace of Sicily, this versatile vegetable salad is a traditional...

  • Front image of our jar of Citrus Marmalade.

    Citrus Marmalade

    DeLallo Citrus Marmalade is an all-natural gourmet spread featuring a sweet trio of prized Italian citrus fruits—oranges, clementines and lemons. With a sweet and fruity tang, this colorful condiment brings out new and exciting flavors in your...