Spinach Tagliatelle

Product Weight:
8.82 oz.


DeLallo Spinach Tagliatelle is a traditional pasta made in Northern Italy with the finest durum wheat and spinach. These long, flat pasta ribbons boast a natural green hue and an added earthy and aromatic flavor. Tagliatelle noodles are extruded with artisanal bronze dies for a rough surface texture that readily captures sauces. Tagliatelle noodles are swirled into nests for convenience when cooking to prevent sticking.
Rich and hearty, our Tagliatelle nests are a spinach-infused egg pasta ready to take on your favorite sauces. Our pasta ribbons are the perfect foundation for everything from meaty bolognese sauces to creamy cheese sauces. Tagliatelle shines in even the most simple sauces of butter or olive oil.

  • Made in Northern Italy.
  • Made with superior durum wheat.
  • Infused with spinach for earthy, aromatic flavor.
  • Rich flavor and natural green hue.
  • Long, flat ribbon-like pasta.
  • Extruded with bronze dies for sauce-capturing texture.
  • Slow-dried at low temperatures for signature al dente bite.
  • Packaged in nests for cooking and serving convenience.
  • Shines in every kind of sauce: from hearty and creamy to simple.

Kitchen and Usage Tips:

Spinach tagliatelle is a long, flat ribbon-like pasta that works in so many different pasta recipes. This sturdy pasta has a rich flavor that can stand up to the heartiest of sauces: decadent cream sauces, rustic vegetable sauces and even chunky meat sauces, like Bolognese. Spinach tagliatelle shines in simple sauces too—sauces made with a foundation of butter or olive oil in addition to fresh fragrant herbs and vegetables. We love serving Tagliatelle nests with a creamy goat cheese and mascarpone sauce tossed with prosciutto.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Spinach Tagliatelle? Spinach tagliatelle is a specialty Italian pasta that is infused with spinach for an earthy, aromatic flavor. From the Emilia-Romagna and the Marche regions of Italy, this beloved pasta is long and flat in shape—thinner than fettuccine. To prevent sticking while cooking, tagliatelle is dried in pasta nests.

What is Spinach Tagliatelle Made of? DeLallo Spinach Tagliatelle is made in Northern Italy with the finest durum wheat and spinach. Spinach adds a subtle fragrant, earthy flavor and natural green hue to the pasta.

What is the Difference Between Spinach Tagliatelle and Regular Tagliatelle? When it comes to DeLallo Pasta, the only difference between Spinach Tagliatelle and Tagliatelle pasta is the addition of spinach. Because it is infused with spinach, the pasta own a natural green hue and a subtle aromatic flavor, making it an excellent choice for festive pasta dishes.

What is Spinach Tagliatelle Used for? Spinach tagliatelle shines in everything from simple sauces of butter or olive oil—like basil pesto or brown butter and sage—to hearty meat sauces. Famously, tagliatelle is served up with classic bolognese and chunky vegetable-loaded sauces. Spinach tagliatelle boasts a natural green hue, making them a great pasta for festive holiday pasta recipes.

How Many Spinach Tagliatelle (Nests) do you Need Per Person? When it comes to DeLallo Tagliatelle nests, we recommend 1 nest for a side dish and 2 nests for an entrée (per person). Servings depend on the crowd, of course.

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