• A picture of the front of our small stick pepperoni.

    Stick Pepperoni

    Who doesn't love pepperoni? For snacking, serving or topping your homemade pizza pies, this famously zesty Italian-American favorite is carefully crafted from our authentic homestyle recipe. DeLallo Pepperoni features a top-quality pork and beef blend...

  • Product image of cherry tomato pizza sauce

    Cherry Tomato Pizza Sauce

    Our Imported Italian Pizza Sauce featuring Sicilian cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, fresh vegetables and herbs. This authentic recipe captures an irresistible balance of rich, tangy-sweet tomato flavor perfect for that traditional...

  • Product image of chopped calabrian peppers in a jar

    Calabrian Chili Paste

    Grown and harvested in Calabria, Italy, these small hot peppers are crushed into a paste and packed in extra virgin olive oil. Spicy calabrian chili paste is a staple in this southern Italian region’s cuisine and a trending ingredient in...

  • Product image of Calabrian Chili Peppers

    Whole Calabrian Chili Peppers

    Grown & harvested in Calabria, Italy, ingredient is packed in extra virgin olive oil with just the right amount of heat. These peppers are a staple in this southern Italian region’s cooking and are a trending ingredient in restaurants and food magazines...

  • Product image of organic flour in packaged

    Organic 00 Flour

    DeLallo Organic 00 Flour is made in Italy with only the highest quality wheat that is specially milled and sifted for an ultra-fine powder-like texture. An essential ingredient in authentic Italian bakeries and pizzerias, Organic 100% Italian Type "00"...