Best Of The Best Pizza Recipe Roundup

DeLallo Staff Pizza Favorites

You love pizza. We love pizza.

Sure, its origins are in Italy, but pizza has certainly become an American pastime. You can order pizza or have it delivered right to your front door, but the best pizza is homemade. Don’t worry. We don’t expect everyone to be a chef. Thankfully, the DeLallo Pizza Dough Kit makes it super simple to get the tastiest most authentic pizza crust… by just adding water. It’s that easy.

What’s great about pizza is its versatility. I mean, have you ever tried to ask a room full of people what pizza to order? Everyone has their own idea of the perfect pizza. Just another reason why making your own is a great idea. (And with our Dough Kit, you can make personal-sized pizzas so you can create your own with whatever toppings you choose!)

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At DeLallo, we’re always coming up with new ways to pay homage to the classics. These are some of our favorite pizza recipes, staff picked and all:

Susanna, Digital Designer & Eric, Social Media

Some like it hot… and some like it 4-alarm hot! This spicy peppers and sausage pizza is exploding with color and flavor.

Recipe: Chicken Pesto Pizza

Jeff, Graphic Designer & Christie, Graphic Designer

We take your favorite white pizza and make it green! This herbaceous, cheesy masterpiece is like nothing you’ll get delivered.

Alyssa, Olive Merchandizing Coordinator

This pizza has everything you ever wanted… and more. The combination of sweet and savory flavors along with its colorful presentation make it a pizza to remember.

Meghan, Copywriter

Your favorite cheesy baked chicken dish in a pizza? You heard us! If you’re looking for something new that the whole family is going to dig, look no further.

Melissa, Graphic Designer

This pizza recipe has been described as “life changing.” We can’t argue with that. Simple toppings, melty gooey cheese and crispy fried dough… incredible.

Beth, Brand Manager

You can’t knock a classic. This pizza is the pizza you fell in love with. No fancy. No frills. Just a delicious dose of nostalgia (and a whole lot of pepperoni)!

Nick, SEO & E-Commerce Coordinator & Michelle, Grocery Merchandizing Coordinator

This pizza recipe right here is the O.G.: fresh mozzarella, basil leaves and Italian San Marzano tomatoes on a homemade pizzeria-style crust.

Recipe: Pizza Pizzaiola

Giuliana, Marketing Director

This authentic Italian pizza recipe skips the cheese and goes all out with fresh chopped red and green peppers, crushed Italian tomatoes and a kiss of garlic and herbs.

Joe, E-Commerce Manager

What happens when your favorite cheesy baked pasta meets your favorite pizza pie? Dreams do come true.

Chelsea, Social Media & Consumer Relations Coordinator

Not exactly pizza, but everything you love about pizza… and certainly a pizza night must-have. Breadsticks are just about as fun to make as they are to eat.