Charcuterie Board - One Time Use

Charcuterie Board


This is the beginning of something delicious. Our single-use charcuterie board makes it easy to impress with an artful arrangement at your next gathering. Use it as a simple but elegant foundation for serving and top with specialty cheeses, sliced meats and your favorite olives and antipasti.

Add a more personal touch and complete your charcuterie and antipasto gifts with the addition of this modern and convenient serving board.

• 9.8" x 14.6"
• Elegant foundation for specialty cheeses and sliced meats.
• Thoughtful addition to DeLallo charcuterie and antipasto gifts.
• Light olive wood appearance with DeLallo logo inscription.
• Convenient single use serving board.
• Grease-resistant surface of carboard can be wiped but cannot be submerged in water.


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