Italian Olive Medley

Product Weight:
5.3 oz.


DeLallo Pitted Italian Olive Medley is a bold, briny mix of best-loved Italian olives. Buttery green Castelvetrano olives star alongside pleasantly bitter Leccino olives and tart Gaeta olives for a harmonious combination of big, bold flavors. Pitted for ease of snacking and serving, this unforgettable olive medley is ready to wow your charcuterie boards, cheese plates and antipasto spreads. 

This Italian Olive Medley pairs perfectly with dry cured salumi as well as sharp provolone and Asiago cheeses.

  • Features the prized buttery green Castelvetrano olive.
  • Beautiful combination of bold, briny flavors.
  • Natural complement to charcuterie and cheese board offerings.
  • Pitted for snacking, serving and cooking convenience.


Pitted and ready to snack or serve, this bold and briny olive medley is perfect for featuring on charcuterie and cheese boards alongside specialty cheeses, salumi, gourmet toasts, spreads and other classic Italian antipasti. It can be enjoyed as a stand-alone antipasto or as a snack straight from the jar. Brighten up leafy green salads, cold picnic pasta, Italian wraps and paninis. Top pizzas and flatbreads.


What is an Italian olive medley?

Our Italian Olive Medley is a tasty antipasto featuring bold and briny olives from Italy. Pitted for convenience, each olive variety brings its unique flavor profile, texture and presentation to the mix.

What olives are included in this jar?

Castelvetrano: Irresistible green olives with a famously mild, buttery flavor.

Leccino: Purple-black olives boasting a sweet, pleasantly bitter flavor.

Gaeta: Small oblong olives with a meaty texture and a slightly tart, briny flavor.

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