Sea Salt Grinder

Product Weight:
7.5 oz.


DeLallo Sea Salt is harvested from the California coast, where ocean water from the Pacific is collect.ed and slowly evaporated forming its pure white crystals. Unlike common table salt, sea salt owns a coarser texture and superior taste, due to the presence of minerals, bringing out the best flavors in your favorite dishes. With no additives, our sea salt comes packaged in a grinder with an adjustable feature that can change the grind from coarse to fine. Use it at the table to replace ordinary salt for seasoning finished dishes, or as a flavorful addition to a number of recipes from crusted meats and seafood to grilled vegetables, sautes, soups, sauces and stews.
- Sea salt harvested from the California coast.
- Coarse texture and superior flavor.
- Replace standard table salt for a burst of flavor and coarser crunch.
- Grinder packaging allows for great versatility, an adjustable feature that can change grind from coarse to fine.
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