Banana Peppers

Bright and briny pickled banana peppers add a crisp pop of color and flavor to salads, pizzas, pastas and more. 


  • Product image of mild banana pepper rings

    Mild Banana Peppers Rings

    DeLallo Mild Banana Pepper Rings are made with fresh banana peppers that are pickled and packed to preserve their crisp texture. Crunchy, colorful and mildly zesty, these rings are the perfect condiment to top pizzas, sandwiches and salads, but are also...

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    Hot Banana Peppers 25.5 oz.

    DeLallo Hot Banana Pepper Rings are made with fresh banana peppers that are pickled and packed to preserve their crisp texture. Crunchy, colorful and fiery hot, these rings are the perfect condiment to top pizzas, sandwiches and salads, but are also an...


What Are Banana Peppers?

The banana pepper is also known as the Hungarian Wax Pepper, the yellow wax pepper and the banana chili. Banana peppers are actually a member of the chili (capsicum annuum) family, but are many times milder than chili peppers. They are typically medium in size with a bright yellow hue and tangy, mild pepper flavor. Their long banana shape and yellow color is what gives them their name. As they ripen, banana peppers can change from green to orange and even red. Banana peppers are most known for their use in their pickled form (pickled pepper rings, to be exact) as a fun, zesty topping and ingredient. 


Banana Peppers - The DeLallo Difference

DeLallo Banana Pepper products are made with only the best banana peppers. We start with fresh hand picked banana peppers that are quickly pickled once they are removed from the pepper plant. First, seeds and stems are removed. Some are packed whole and some are cut into the beloved pepper rings you use to top everything. Once cut, banana peppers are pickled, or cured, in a special vinegary brine. We do not heat our peppers and boast the 100% cured status. This maintains their fresh flavor and irresistible crisp texture.


Banana Peppers You Can Buy

DeLallo Banana Peppers come in both mild and hot varieties, as well as whole, chunks and pepper rings. These jarred pickled peppers are excellent for snacking, but they are also an exciting and versatile ingredient to have on-hand. We offer them in a bunch of different varieties for your convenience. 

Mild Whole Banana Peppers 25.5oz
Mild Sliced Banana Peppers 16oz.
Mild Sliced Banana Peppers 25.5oz.
Mild Banana Peppers Chunks 25.5oz.
Hot Sliced Banana Peppers 16oz.
Hot Sliced Banana Peppers 25.5oz.


Unforgettable Banana Peppers Recipes And Uses That Go Beyond Toppings

If you love the irresistible tangy, sweet, zesty crunch of banana peppers as much as we do, you are always looking for ways to incorporate them into your everyday creations. Of course, you can snack on them straight from the jar or use them to garnish Italian subs, wraps and cold cut platters, but there are so many fun and unique ways to use banana peppers in your recipes. Pickled banana peppers are a great ingredient in salsas, relishes, hummus recipes and creamy dips.  They are also a tasty and unexpected ingredient in braised meats like Italian beef and pork tenderloin. For a unique appetizer party food, skewer our Pepperoncini Chunke with cubes of mozzarella, salami, olives and any other Mediterranean antipasti you love. Use pickled banana peppers to create a color for antipasto pasta salad and make it the talk of your next backyard barbecue.


Banana Peppers: FAQ

Are Banana Peppers Hot / Spicy?

No, the banana pepper is not very hot. In fact, they typically come in at 0-500 on the Scoville Heat Scale. Like most peppers, banana peppers have a wide range that depends on how long they were ripened. Younger banana peppers are more hot, where banana peppers that were allowed to ripen longer often have a sweeter flavor.


Are Banana Peppers The Same As Pepperoncinis?

Both banana peppers and pepperoncini peppers are a tasty and zesty addition to sandwiches, salads and pizzas, but they are different types of chili peppers (capsicum annuum). Pepperoncini are wrinkly, smaller in size with a rounded tip, in contrast to the pointed tip of the banana pepper. They are crunchy and sweet with a similar level of heat, but generally pepperoncini peppers are more sour than pickled banana peppers, but this is mainly due to its pickling style.


Are Banana Peppers Hotter (Spicier) Than Pepperoncinis?

Banana peppers and pepperoncini peppers are not the same, but do mostly match up in the heat department. Banana peppers have a range of 0 to 500 SHU, where pepperoncini peppers come in at 100-500. You could say that pepperoncini peppers, on average, are a bit spicier than banana peppers.


Are Banana Peppers Hotter (Spicier) Than Jalapeño?

No, banana peppers are not spicier than jalapeño peppers. Banana peppers range from 0 to 500 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), where jalapeños clock in at anywhere from 2500 to 8000 SHU. A vast difference in heat! To clarify, the hottest banana pepper is still 5 times milder than the mildest jalapeño pepper. Some do not even consider banana peppers a “hot pepper.”


What Can I Substitute For Banana Peppers?

In recipes that call for fresh banana peppers, you can use a sweet yellow bell pepper as a great substitute. They are both mild with little to no heat. The Hungarian Wax Pepper is a great substitute for banana peppers that will have a little heat. For a pickled banana pepper or pepper ring substitute, jarred pepperoncini peppers are a great substitute.