• product image of margherita pizza sauce

    Margherita Pizza Sauce

    DeLallo Margherita Pizza Sauce is a traditional tomato sauce that is carefully crafted for an authentic experience. Featuring Italy’s red-ripe plum tomatoes blended with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and spices, this tasty tomato sauce is the...

  • Front image of our bag of Sliced Pepperoni

    Sliced Pepperoni

    Who doesn't love pepperoni? For snacking, serving or topping your homemade pizza pies, this famously zesty Italian-American favorite is carefully crafted from our authentic homestyle recipe. DeLallo Pepperoni features a top-quality pork and beef blend...

  • Front facing of jar of Anchovy Fillets.

    Anchovy Fillets

    Enjoy as a ready-to-eat snack and antipasto or add a new dimension of briny, savory flavor to pasta dishes, pizzas, soups, sauces, dressings and marinades.A traditional Italian antipasto, DeLallo Anchovies are cured between layers of sea salt and...

  • A picture of the front of our mini pepperoni.

    Mini Pepperoni

    DeLallo Mini Pepperoni is a zesty Italian-American classic, carefully crafted with our authentic homestyle recipe. We season our pepperoni with hot pepper, garlic and paprika for an irresistible zesty, savory punch. Pepperoni is perfect for snacking,...