All Natural Uncured Hot Sopressata (Slices)

Product Weight:
4 oz.


DeLallo All-Natural Uncured Hot Sopressata is an artisanal Italian-style salumi that is crafted true to tradition. Superbly marbled and expertly seasoned with fresh garlic, paprika, red pepper and whole black peppercorns, our Hot Sopressata is cured naturally without using artificial ingredients or preservatives. This Southern Italian recipe is irresistibly smooth and snappy in texture with a robust, peppery flavor.

Hot Sopressata is sliced in thick coins for easy gourmet snacking and entertaining. The big flavors and beautiful marbling of this iconic Italian cured sausage make it an awesome addition to charcuterie spreads and cheese boards.

  • Made in the U.S.A., authentic Southern Italian recipe.
  • Full-flavored and robust with a spicy, peppery kick.
  • All-natural curing process without the use of synthetic or artificial preservatives.
  • Beautifully marbled and studded with whole peppercorns.
  • Sliced thick for use in gourmet snacking and entertaining applications.
  • Gluten free and dairy free.

Kitchen and Usage Tips:

Uncured Hot Sopressata Slices are thick-sliced and ready to snack or serve as a delicious stand-alone antipasto or as a bold, beautiful addition to charcuterie spreads, cheese boards, antipasto platters and more simple cheese and wine pairings. Sweet Sopressata pairs well with buttery cheeses like Havarti and provolone, even Brie and Camembert. Serve with mustards and spreads as well as gourmet crackers, crostini toasts or slices of crusty Italian bread.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Uncured Hot Sopressata? Hot Sopressata is a salumi, or style of Italian dry cured sausage, that is made with lean cuts of pork that are coarsely ground. This meat is seasoned and encased to cure or age. Its flavor widely depends on its seasonings and where in Italy it is made. Generally speaking, Hot Sopressata features robust spices like garlic, paprika and black pepper for a spicy, piquant flavor. Like many Sopressata varieties, Hot Sopressata is distinct in its marbled appearance. Its flattened oblong shape is due to it being pressed between boards.

Uncured Hot Sopressata is the same as Hot Sopressata in many ways. The difference is that it has been cured or preserved using a natural method. that. The term “uncured” just refers to an all-natural meat that is cured without the use of synthetic nitrites and nitrates. In this instance, DeLallo utilizes swiss chard powder and its naturally occurring nitrates and nitrates in production of its Hot Sopressata.

What Are Delallo Uncured Hot Sopressata Slices Made Of? DeLallo Uncured Hot Sopressata is crafted with coarsely ground premium pork shoulder, fresh garlic, sea salt, paprika, red pepper, whole black peppercorns and select spices. We naturally cure this product, utilizing the naturally occuring nitrates and nitrates in swiss chard powder rather than synthetic or artificial ingredients.

What Does Uncured Hot Sopressata Taste Like? The flavor of Hot Sopressata depends on the seasonings used and which region of Italy it is made. DeLallo Uncured Hot Sopressata is rich and robust in flavor with a peppery, fiery kick.

How Do You Eat Hot Sopressata? Hot Sopressata is a cured Italian-style sausage that can be enjoyed as a snack on its own or paired with Italian cheeses, other cured meats, olives, pickled peppers and more. Try it as a spicy addition to charcuterie boards and cheese plates with spicy mustards, fruity spreads and gourmet toasts. Hot Sopressata Slices boast a beautiful marbling and whole black peppercorns, making them an easy yet impressive charcuterie to feature on even the most fancy of occasions. Hot Sopressata pairs well with hard Italian cheeses that will stand up to its heat, such as Pecorino Romano and aged Asiago. If you want to tame the spice, try a rich Gouda cheese.

How Spicy Is Hot Sopressata? Spiciness is subjective and it all depends on the brand and its ingredients, but overall, Hot Sopressata is a full-flavored meat with a peppery flavor and a heat that can be described as a few levels above traditional Pepperoni.

What Is The Difference Between Uncured Hot Sopressata Slices And Hot Sopressata Sticks? Uncured Hot Sopressata Slices are Uncured Hot Sopressata sticks that come sliced to make it easy for snacking and serving. Sliced Hot Sopressata is a ready-to-eat and ready-to-serve, making it a super simple way to spice up your charcuterie boards, cheese plates and antipasto offerings.

What Is The Difference Between Hot Sopressata And Salami? Hot Sopressata is a type of salami. Salami, or salumi, is a type of meat that is seasoned and cured in casings to develop distinct textures and flavor profiles. Sometimes referred to as dry cured sausages, salami is a term that refers to a category of meats that are cured, or preserved, without the use of refrigeration. Curing meats is an ancient method that was used (and is still used) to safely preserve meats. These methods were invented long ago before modern refrigeration.

What Is The Difference Between Hot Sopressata And Sopressa? Sopressa is a type of sopressata that originated in Veneto, of Northeast Italy. While there are many styles and varieties to speak of, Sopressa is typically made with similar spices and seasonings as Sopressata. Sopressa is much larger than Sopressata, but with that same beautiful marbling.

What Is The Difference Between Hot Sopressata And Mortadella? Hot Sopressata and Mortadella are very different Italian meats. What you may know as the modern American deli meat called “Bologna'' is the descendent of Mortadella. Traditional Italian Mortadella is pink in color with a smooth texture that is studded with white cubes of fat and sometimes pistachio nuts.  On the other hand, Sopressata is a dry cured sausage that is crafted with lean coarsely ground pork. Conversely, Mortadella is lightly cured and cooked. Their flavors and textures are just as different as their composition. Mortadella is mild and savory, where Hot Sopressata is spicy, peppery and much more chewy in texture.

Does Uncured Hot Sopressata Go Bad? According to the USDA, all dry cured sausage products such as Uncured Hot Sopressata can be stored in the refrigerator indefinitely or in the pantry for up to 6 weeks, as long as it is in its whole, unopened state. Once opened, however, cured meats can be refrigerated safely for just 3 weeks. This is, of course, a general statement, so follow the advice found on the packaging of each particular product.

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