Fall Carbonara

Fall Carbonara

What comes to mind when you think of fall? Cooler weather, falling leaves, sweaters, pumpkin lattes… what about pasta?

No matter the season, pasta is always on our mind. That’s because pasta is on-point all year long—no matter the weather, no matter the occasion. Autumn, in particular, is the perfect pasta season. We can’t think of a better way to wind down and transition into the cooler weather than cozying up with a hot plate of pasta. So how can you take a classic Italian comfort food like creamy Carbonara and bundle it up for fall?

Carbonara’s signature creamy texture is irresistible and a tasty foundation for warm and inviting fall flavors. In the following fall Carbonara recipes, we introduce seasonal favorites like apples, pumpkin and leafy kale. Now get out your scarves and sweaters and get in the kitchen to create a fall fabulous carbonara.

It isn’t fall until you’ve introduced warm, crisp fall flavors to your kitchen creations. This incredible twist on the classic Italian pasta dish, Carbonara, is the perfect way to celebrate your favorite season.

The smoky-sweet goodness of roasted cauliflower is the heart of this fall-inspired Carbonara recipe. Everyone is going to love the warm, savory flavors of this pasta night creation.

Sure, you’ve had lattes and pies, but have you had pumpkin in your pasta? We add some heat to the mild, slightly sweet squash and turn your classic Carbonara into a dreamy fall recipe to kick off the season.