Hot Pepper Garlic Sauce 101

Turn up the heat in your kitchen with DeLallo’s delicious imported Italian Hot Pepper Garlic Sauce! This versatile condiment brings bold, fresh flavor to a myriad of recipes, so get creative!

The red hot chili pepper is one of the most popular vegetables in Southern Italy and you won’t wonder why when you taste our Imported Hot Pepper Garlic Sauce. We combine slices of pungent garlic, fiery red chilies and parsley in extra virgin olive oil to give you one of our most popular, versatile sauces.

Simply, use it to sauce your favorite pasta or mix with equal parts olive oil and sauté some thick-ribboned fettuccine. For something new, knead it into bread dough, serve it as a bruschetta topping or spice up your favorite sandwich. The possibilities for this zesty, garlicky must-have are virtually endless, extending an invitation for creativity.

Check Out Some Fresh Ideas

1. Dip into something bold

Spice up your fried appetizers and dippable goodies with the garlicky heat of Hot Pepper Garlic Sauce. Simply mix it up with some mayo and serve. We love it with Fried Artichokes.

2. Bring on the bruschetta

Pair it up with creamy goat cheese on toasted baguette slices. To snack or to entertain, this appetizer is sure to impress!

3. Go from bland to blazin’ with meats & seafood

Redefine your entrées with an Italian-inspired hot sauce. Hot Pepper Garlic Sauce is perfect for glazing and finishing roasted, grilled or sautéed meats and seafood.

Spice up your everyday chicken or seafood recipe with our unique, imported sauce. Whether grilled or baked, this fresh and redefined taste will leave you wanting seconds.

4. Give your guac some gusto

Just a spoonful of our imported Italian Hot Pepper Garlic Sauce goes a long way in your favorite cool and creamy dip. Get the recipe here.

5. Kick up a classic pasta dish

Chili peppers married with fresh garlic, parsley, and extra virgin olive oil make for a bold, savory sauce paired with your favorite pasta – whether it be whole wheat or traditional Semolina. Enjoy as a main dish or a side.

6. Spice up your brown bag

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? Turn that classic cold cut sandwich into a knock-out meal with the added texture and fiery bite of our Hot Pepper Garlic Sauce.

7. Add a new zing to your wings

Game day with a twist! Simply toss fried wings with our spicy chili pepper sauce and sprinkle with grated Parmesan for a bold new flavor—Italian-style! Get the recipe here.

8. Turn up the fiery flavor for your fiesta

We can’t endorse this enough: Hot Pepper Garlic Nacho Cheese Sauce with Italian Sausage… it’ll blow your mind! Get the recipe here.