How To Store Your Olive Oil

From simple salad dressings to savory sautés, extra virgin olive oil has found its way into the hearts and recipes of chefs and at-home chefs alike. With its numerous health benefits and robust olive flavor, it’s no wonder extra virgin olive oil has been getting extra attention. So how can you keep it at its best? Read on…



A fundamental ingredient throughout the Mediterranean, extra virgin olive oil is a delicate oil made from the first pressing of olives. Without the use of heat or chemicals during extraction, extra virgin olive oil is a raw delicacy. Proper storage is essential to keep your oil at its best. To retain its robust olive flavor and fragrance, remember one simple word for four easy steps:

Keep your oil away from any source of heat. Store in a cool, dry cupboard, never by or above your oven.

Be sure to seal your bottles of oil tightly. Allowing air into your oil causes it to breakdown and degrades it quickly.

Whether it be natural or otherwise, light will damage your oil. Properly store your oil in a dark place, like a cupboard, until its next usage to prevent exposure.

Unlike wine, extra virgin olive oil does not get better with age. The fresher the olive oil, the better, so only stock up on enough oil to last you for a month of use.

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