Picholine Olives


The Picholine is a crisp, firm olive possessing a light green color, almond shape and firm bite. The flavor is lemony finishing with a mild contrast of briny and buttery.

Growing Region and Harvesting

Picholine olive trees grow in Morocco, as well as the Riviera regions of France and Italy. The Picholine is widely known as a French cultivar of olives, but it also produces the most common variety of olive oil from Morocco. These medium-sized trees produce a slightly large olive that is harvested while green.

From September to October, green Picholine fruits are harvested by hand for table olives. The olives that are processed for oil are usually picked later, once they have turned black. The exact harvest date for oil depends on the desired taste—an early harvest produces fruity oil, while a later harvest yields a sweeter product.


Picholine olives are widely known as a pleasant-tasting cocktail olive. Cocktail olives are processed with a lye cure and then they are fermented in brine for up to a year. This produces a well-balanced table olive with a salty and fruity taste.


Picholine olives possess the perfect balance of fruit and brine flavors to accent seafood dishes and mild earthy ingredients like mushrooms and artichokes. For well-rounded antipasto, pair them with Brie or Provolone cheeses, prosciutto, and a crisp Sauvignon Blanc.

Quick Facts

  • A young olive that ranges in color from straw-hued to grassy green.
  • Grown in France & Italy typically near their “Riveria” regions and abundantly in Morocco.
  • A distinct, elongated almond shape.

Did You Know…?

This olive is commonly paired with seafood because of its citrus flavor.

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