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DeLallo Organic Whole-Wheat Orzo Pasta 1 lb.

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Our authentic Italian Whole-Wheat Pasta begins in the durum wheat fields of Puglia, Italy, where climate and soil produce premium, organic grains. This grain is expertly milled with the texture of semolina for a superior feel and flavor, while retaining all of its healthy, whole-wheat goodness. At DeLallo, we take time with your pasta. Our dough is slowly kneaded with cool, spring water and dried at low temperatures, so that your pasta keeps its fresh-bread taste and cooks al dente every time. Orzo means “barley” in Italian, referring to its small, barley-like shape. Not just a soup cut, this versatile pastina stars in salads, stuffings and sautés. Made in Italy with certified organic hard durum wheat. 100% whole-wheat with no additives, fillers or enriched flours. Extruded with bronze dies for ideal sauce-hugging texture. Boasts the taste and texture of traditional semolina pasta.


Once just known as a soup cut, orzo has become a widely appreciated pasta in a number of great recipes. Orzo takes on many roles, from picnic pasta salad to creamy cheesy baked pasta. Try it as a substitute for rice in nearly any application.


Recommended Recipes:

◼︎ Whole Wheat Orzo Pasta Salad with Artichokes, Spinach, Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Pesto
◼︎ Tomato-Basil Shrimp with Orzo
◼︎︎ Mediterranean Orzo Salad
◼︎︎ Baked Orzo with Truffled Mushrooms, Peas & Cheese


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