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    Whole Wheat Fusilli

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    Organic Whole-Wheat Fusilli, also known as spirals, is a popular “spindle” pasta shape. Born in Southern Italy, Fusilli were made by skilled pasta makers by rapidly twirling spaghetti around a rod. These spring-like curves are incredible sauce catchers and known for standing up to hearty meat sauces, like the beloved Bolognese. 

    DeLallo Organic Whole-Wheat Pasta begins with a high-quality blend of Italian organic durum wheat. Wheat is chosen for its beautiful color, wonderful aroma and high protein content. All of these characteristics create a pasta with ideal appearance, flavor and al dente texture when cooked. This wheat is ground into whole durum wheat flour, then kneaded with rich mountain spring water for everything you love about traditional pasta, but with the benefits of whole grains. Pasta is extruded with bronze dies for a rough surface texture perfect for capturing sauces. True to tradition, we dry our pasta slowly at low temperatures to retain the pasta’s taste, texture and aroma.

    • Made in Italy.
    • 100% certified organic durum wheat.
    • Expertly milled wheat for the texture of traditional pasta.
    • Made with whole-wheat and water: no additives or preservatives.
    • Extruded with bronze dies for rougher surface texture that captures sauces.
    • Always cooks up al dente—tender with a yielding bite.
    • Spiral-shaped pasta perfect for pasta salads, meat sauces and more.

    Kitchen and Usage Tips:

    Fusilli is a fun and versatile pasta shape. This springy pasta shape is a versatile cut to have on-hand. Fusilli is skilled at catching sauces and small ingredients in its tight curves. Known for its role in hearty tomato-based meat sauces like Bolognese, Fusilli is also a solid choice for rich tomato sauces, cream sauces, cheesy baked pasta and even cold pasta salads. We love it served as a cold with tuna and cured olives.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What Is Whole-Wheat Fusilli? Whole-Wheat Fusilli is a springy short cut pasta shape sometimes referred to as spirals. Its curves and grooves make it a great pasta for capturing sauces and small ingredients. Whole-wheat pasta is heart-healthy pasta that is made with whole durum wheat semolina.

    Is Whole-Wheat Fusilli The Same As Whole-Grain Fusilli? Wheat is a grain and so pasta classified as “whole- wheat” is also “whole-grain.” The converse is not true, however. A pasta referred to as “whole grain” can be made up of any type of grain—not just wheat. A pasta labeled “whole-wheat” is made with 100% whole wheat.

    What Is Whole-Wheat Fusilli Made Of? DeLallo Organic Whole-Wheat Fusilli is made simply and true to the tradition of Italian pasta makers—with just organic whole durum wheat and mineral-rich mountain spring water. For pasta that is 100% whole wheat, the whole kernel of durum wheat is ground into semolina flour. This wheat flour is then combined with water, and then kneaded into our whole-wheat pasta. No additive, preservatives of fillers.

    Is Whole-Wheat Fusilli Gluten-Free? No, Whole-Wheat Fusilli is made with durum wheat semolina, which contains gluten.

    Is Whole-Wheat Fusilli Healthy? Whole-Wheat Fusilli, like all whole-grain products, is high in fiber. Fiber-rich diets are known to prevent heart disease, to manage weight and to control blood sugar levels.

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