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    Whole Wheat Pasta Bundle (Variety 6-Pack)

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    Who says you can’t have it all? This DeLallo Bulk Whole-Wheat Pasta collection is the perfect way to stock your pantry for some great pasta recipes to come. 

    DeLallo Organic Italian Whole-Wheat Pasta is made with premium durum wheat chosen for its high gluten index, gluten content and protein content. These characteristics, along with generations of pasta-making experience, create the ideal pasta.

    We begin with superior durum wheat and mill it into coarsely ground semolina flour. To create the dough, semolina is carefully kneaded with cold, fresh, mineral-rich mountain spring water. This dough is extruded through artisanal bronze dies for a rougher, sauce-hugging surface. Finally, pasta is dried slowly at low temperatures to preserve its aroma, taste and texture.

    • Certified Organic.
    • 6 varieties of our most popular whole-wheat pasta shapes.
    • Includes Capellini, Farfalle, Penne Pasta, Lasagna, Elbows and Orzo.
    • Made with 100% heart-healthy whole wheat.
    • Extruded with bronze dies to create a rougher surface that better absorbs and captures sauces.
    • Dried slowly at low temperatures to preserve pasta’s color, texture and flavor throughout the cooking process.
    • Cooks up for that signature al dente texture.
    • Made in an egg and nut free facility. Vegan. Contains wheat.

    This stunning collection of best-loved pasta cuts is an invitation to creativity. Cook up a classic pasta with tomato sauce, bake up an irresistibly cheesy pasta casserole or create a fresh and colorful pasta salad for your next picnic.
    Learn more about our whole-wheat pasta here!


    WHERE IS THIS PRODUCT IMPORTED FROM? DeLallo Organic Whole-Wheat Pasta is made in Italy.

    WHAT PASTA CUTS ARE INCLUDED IN THIS BUNDLE? Capellini, Penne, Farfalle, Lasagna, Orecchiette and Orzo.

    WHAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS OF THIS PASTA? Certified organic whole wheat and fresh spring water. No additives or preservatives.


    Capellini, also known as “angel hair,” is a super thin long cut of pasta that shines in lighter, oil-based sauces. It’s perfect for fresh herbs and seafood sauces.

    Penne, is named for its long tube shape and angular ends, a “pen” shape. This well-known cut draws in sauces into its hollow body

    Farfalle, or bowtie pasta, is named for its “butterfly” shape. This versatile cut is great in everything from cream sauces and cold pasta salads to classic tomato sauces with chunky vegetables.

    Lasagna is a wide, flat noodle used in the classic dish of the same name. This pasta shape is perfect for baked pasta dishes, where it is layered with savory sauces, melty cheeses and more.

    Elbow pasta is a distinct pasta shape of small curved tubes best known for its feature in the baked pasta classic, Macaroni and Cheese. Elbow pasta is perfect for capturing sauces and small bits of ingredients in their hollow bends.

    Orzo is named for its small “barley” size and shape. Once known as just a pastina, or soup cut, this small but mighty shape shines in everything from simple sides to cheesy baked pasta dishes and cold picnic pasta.

    WHAT ARE THE OUNCES OF EACH PACKAGE? Our pasta comes in 16-ounce (1-pound) packages and our lasagna noodles in a 9-ounce package.

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    Now: $18.70
    Was: $23.70

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