Beyond Bruschetta
Bruschetta is famous for being a delicious appetizer and snack that’s super easy to whip up, but we love to cook with it too! Check out some of our favorite things to do with bruschetta.
No-Cook Pasta Sauce Ideas
Trying to limit stovetop cooking time in this heat? We've got a solution! Pasta dinners with no-cook sauces that feature fresh ingredients. Check out our list!
Frozen Yogurt with Sour Cherry Spread
Bright and tangy homemade frozen yogurt swirled with a mouth-puckering tart cherry jam for a combination that is utter perfection.

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You may know bruschetta as a tangy topping featured on crisp gourmet toasts or crusty slices of fresh baked Italian bread, but bruschetta wears many hats in the kitchen. This pantry essential is ready to add color and flavor to a number of dishes like fish, pasta, salad and grilled chicken. Enjoy 20% savings through Wednesdy 8/5.

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No-Cook Pasta Sauce Ideas

Trying to limit stovetop time this summer? We’ve got a list of easy pasta recipes to share. For these recipes, cooked pasta is tossed with a few flavorful ingredients—like pesto sauce, cheese or fresh tomatoes—and the heat from the noodles bring it all together. Cooking can sometimes take away from the bold, bright flavors of certain foods, so when we can, we love creating no-cook pasta sauces that feature fresh ingredients.


Mediterranean Summer

Summer is the perfect season to celebrate the bright and colorful flavors of the Mediterranean. We’ve gathered up some of our favorites (a few classics and a few new recipes) to share with you.


Summer Carbonara

In these summertime Carbonara recipes, we stay true to traditional carbonara recipes, but add in some farmers’ market favorites like sweet summer corn, zucchini squash, garden cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs.


Our 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

At DeLallo, we place a high value on the importance of authentic Italian ingredients. The integrity of our products is vital to our success as a trusted Italian foods brand. Our third-party testing results are posted for all to see, so take a look! We expect the best and you should too.