The Art and Soul of Pasta

POSTED August 30, 2019

Our authentic Italian pasta is crafted in the area where pasta was born. Located south of Naples at the beginning of the Amalfi Coast, this area is known as the “City of Pasta.”

Handcrafted with a select blend of the highest quality durum wheat, our superior Italian pasta boasts a beautiful golden hue, irresistible aroma and high protein content. Our recipe is simple, and our approach, traditional: patience, wheat and water. This ensures an authentic al dente experience every time.

The Wheat: Quality and Selection

We believe that the best pasta is made simply with only the best raw ingredients: wheat and water. Our journey to high end pasta begins with the careful selection of the finest durum wheat, wheat that meets our standards in quality and consistency. To achieve the perfect balance of flavor, aroma and appearance in our pasta, we seek out premium wheat varieties from Italy and all around the world. When choosing wheat, we look for a natural golden-yellow color and a very high content of quality gluten and protein to preserve the shape and elasticity of pasta when cooking.

At DeLallo, our expertise is in combining these hand-selected wheat varieties to find the right balance and to ultimately create the most desirable pasta in taste, quality and consistency.

High quality ingredients being hand selected for the creation of high end pasta
A view of our factory used for milling flour

The Flour: Expertly Milled

Once we craft the perfect blend, durum wheat is milled, or ground, into coarse semolina flour. Though it is more difficult to process, coarse ground semolina produces a better pasta. The resulting pasta is worth the extra work!

The Water

To create the dough for our prized pasta, semolina flour is kneaded with cold, naturally mineral-rich mountain spring water from the nearby Mountains.

Extrusion: Bronze Die Extruded for Remarkable Texture

To form all the fun and unique pasta shapes we offer, dough is extruded through traditional bronze dies. This artisanal extrusion process is slower than other production methods, but what it does for our pasta is most valuable. This gives our pasta that rough feel, creating a naturally porous surface that absorbs and captures every type of sauce. This ensures the best bite every bite!

Stored bronze die extruders ready to be used to create different cuts of high end pasta
Bronze die extruder being selected to create a high end pasta cut
The bronze die extruder being used to create a cut of pasta

Slow Drying at Low Temps

We dry our pasta slowly at a low temperature to reproduce the old ways of making pasta, where it was left to dry outside in the hot sun. This slow drying method respects the ingredients, preserving the integrity of the color, aroma and texture of the pasta. Drying time for some shapes can take up to 18 hours.

Pasta being dried slowly at a low temperature to ensure the best aroma and texture

Cut/Shape Offerings

DeLallo offers over 30 different shapes of pasta. Our recipe-driven collection of pasta cuts includes more than just the classics, but also authentic and regional shapes: from long cuts like Bucatini and Spaghetti alla Chitarra to short cuts like Casarrece and Tortiglioni… even pastina, or soup cuts, like Ditalini and Fafallini. We have you covered with a pasta shape for every recipe!

Along with our traditional semolina pasta, we also offer organic semolina and organic whole-wheat pasta and gluten-free pasta. 

Semolina Pasta Shapes

Organic Semolina Pasta Shapes

Organic Whole Wheat Pasta Shapes

Different cuts of Whole-wheat Italian pasta from Italy

Long Cuts

Bucatini #10

Capellini #01

Linguine #06

Fettuccine #09

Spaghetti #04

Spaghettini #03

Spaghetti Alla Chitarra #76

Fusilli Col Bucco #101

Short Cuts

Penne Ziti #32

Penne Rigate #36

Fusilli #27

Tortiglioni #20

Rigatoni #21

Mezzi Rigatoni #23

Shells #91

Cavatappi #67

Casarecce #90

Elbows #52

Orecchiette #92

Radiatori #42

DELALLO_4635 farfalloni

Spirali #64

Farfalle #87

Farfalloni #88

Gemelli #28

Mezzi Paccheri #151

Shellbows #37

Cut Ziti #24

Soup Cuts

Farfallini #29

Ditalini Rigati #57

Orzo #65

Acini di Pepe #70

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