8 Mediterranean Upgrades For Canned Tuna

8 Mediterranean Upgrades For Canned Tuna

We know. Canned tuna might not seem like the most glamorous kitchen ingredient. Anything that can last almost forever in your cupboard and be eaten immediately might just get a bad rep. But we’re here to say: Get out that canned tuna from the recesses of your pantry and get to work!

Believe it or not, you can totally gather up some kitchen inspiration with seemingly ordinary pantry staples. Tuna is no exception. Versatile and with no heating required, tuna can go from couch-time comfort food to gourmet greatness. Tuna is ready to take classic lunch and dinner recipes to new heights: think pasta, sandwiches, salads, crostini appetizers and more.

Looking for some new ideas for Lent season? These quick and easy canned tuna recipes are a great way to change up your routine and bring out all of your favorite briny, bold, lemony, garlicky, spicy Mediterranean flavors. And it all begins with the unassuming pantry staple… a can of tuna.

1. Super simple salad perfect for any season.

Blending the flavors of fragrant parsley, pungent red onion and nutty cannellini beans, this delicious cold salad introduces canned tuna to an otherwise classic dish.

2. Skip the mayo for one delicious potato salad.

Take ordinary potato salad to a new tier with this amazing combination of briny, tart olives & savory tuna for an Italian-style picnic favorite.

3. Lunch is served (& it’s delish!)

Featuring smoky, tart Calamata olives, fresh basil, mozzarella and a tangy Italian tuna salad, this quick-and-easy Caprese recipe gives you more to love about your lunch hour.

4. Stuffed into pepper with an appetizer.

Stuffed with imported tuna, capers and finished with fresh lemon juice for a tasty, easy-to-prepare appetizer.

5. A simple salad perfect for both cold & warmer days.

This side salad is simple enough to make with all the ingredients lying around your pantry.

6. Who doesn’t love a good wrap?

Loaded with white tuna, our famous Basil Pesto Sauce, Greek yogurt and a generous handful of fresh baby spinach, this wrap sandwich gives classic tuna salad a run for its money!

7. A pasta dish filled with Mediterranean flavor.

Our recipe gets its oomph from sweet, sunny tomatoes roasted with olive oil. Combine them with Italian tuna, our famous briny Oil-Cured Olives, fragrant parsley and tangy lemon zest for a colorful, flavorful soon-to-be classic!

8. A lunchtime favorite.

A colorful, flavorful way to enjoy a lunchtime favorite. Our Pepperazzi™ Peppers are the perfect way to bring life to your lunchbox.