Cured Meats

  • Front image of our bag of Sliced Pepperoni

    Sliced Pepperoni

    Who doesn't love pepperoni? For snacking, serving or topping your homemade pizza pies, this famously zesty Italian-American favorite is carefully crafted from our authentic homestyle recipe. DeLallo Pepperoni features a top-quality pork and beef blend...

  • A picture of the front of our mini pepperoni.

    Mini Pepperoni

    DeLallo Mini Pepperoni is a zesty Italian-American classic, carefully crafted with our authentic homestyle recipe. We season our pepperoni with hot pepper, garlic and paprika for an irresistible zesty, savory punch. Pepperoni is perfect for snacking,...

  • perishable
    Product image of hard salami

    Sliced Hard Salami

    DeLallo Hard Salami is a German-style cured sausage made with a fine-texture blend of beef and pork.. More so than Genoa Salami, Hard Salami owns a firmer texture and a more smoky, garlicky flavor. delicious accent of garlic and smoky flavor. This robust...

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    Product image of sliced genoa salami

    Sliced Genoa Salami

    All-Natural Uncured Genoa Salami, No Nitrites or Nitrates Added, Not Preserved, No Artificial Ingredients DeLallo Sliced Genoa Salami is a traditional Italian recipe crafted from top-quality cuts of pork specially seasoned with garlic and hand-selected...

  • Our All-Natural Uncured Pepperoni meat slices in their convenient party-ready packaging.

    All-Natural Uncured Pepperoni (Slices)

    DeLallo All-Natural Uncured Pepperoni is a handcrafted Italian-style salumi featuring finely ground top-quality cuts of beef and pork and robust blend of herbs and spices. Made from our authentic Italian recipe, this exquisite dry sausage is soft and...

  • Our Sweet Sopressata meat slices in their convenient party-ready packaging.

    All Natural Uncured Sweet Sopressata (Slices)

    DeLallo All-Natural Uncured Sweet Sopressata is an artisanal Italian-style cured sausage made with premium cuts of coarsely ground pork. Expertly marbled and specially seasoned with fresh garlic, whole black peppercorns and select spices, our Sopressata...

  • Our Genoa Salami meat slices in their convenient part-ready packaging.

    All Natural Uncured Genoa Salami (Slices)

    DeLallo All-Natural Uncured Genoa Salami is a naturally cured Italian-style salumi made with top-quality cuts of pork that are specially ground and seasoned with a masterful blend of fresh garlic and hand-selected spices. Minimally processed without the...

  • Our Hot Sopressata meat slices in their convenient party-ready packaging.

    All Natural Uncured Hot Sopressata (Slices)

    DeLallo All-Natural Uncured Hot Sopressata is an artisanal Italian-style salumi that is crafted true to tradition. Superbly marbled and expertly seasoned with fresh garlic, paprika, red pepper and whole black peppercorns, our Hot Sopressata is cured...