Pecorino Romano

Product Weight:
8.5 oz.


DeLallo Imported Italian Pecorino Romano (D.O.P.) Wedge is a classic Italian table cheese made from sheep’s milk. This bold and briny cheese owes its hard texture and a sharp, nutty bite. Aged for over 5 months, this beloved Italian table cheese is bold and briny with a sharp, nutty flavor and a hard texture. It’s perfect for serving with complementary salumi and antipasti or for grating in kitchen creations.

A bold and briny Italian sheep’s milk cheese with a sharp flavor and hard texture.

  • Made in its birthplace of Sardinia, Italy.
  • Sheep’s milk cheese aged for over 5 months.
  • Bold and briny with sharp, nutty flavors and a hard texture.
  • Certified D.O.P. cheese recognized as authentic by E.U.
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