Boxed Mushroom Risotto (Quick Cook)

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DeLallo Mushroom Quick-Cook Risotto makes it easy to enjoy an authentic risotto experience in just 15 minutes. With its origins in Northern Italy, risotto is famous for its incredibly creamy texture and signature al dente bite. Our Mushroom Risotto features an added complex, earthy flavor from shiitake mushrooms.

Our Quick-Cook Risotto is made using a slow absorption cooking process, just like cooking at home from scratch. Rice is parboiled, then simmered with flavorful broth until the liquid is absorbed. Grains are dried naturally for over 24 hours to capture the ideal flavor and texture. Just add water!

  • Authentic Italian product.
  • Classic Northern Italian creamy rice dish.
  • Grains are gently parboiled and dried naturally to capture ideal taste and texture.
  • Cooks up in 15 minutes—just add water.
  • Famously creamy, silky texture with unmistakable al dente bite.
  • Enjoy simply or as a creamy foundation to a number of ingredients.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Vegetarian.

Kitchen and Usage Tips:

Enjoy our boxed Mushroom Risotto as a simple side dish or as a more complex creamy rice entrée partnered with braised meats, Italian sausage, seafood, poultry, roasted vegetables, cheeses, etc. To keep it simple, serve up risotto with fresh herbs, cheeses like Grated Parmesan or Pecorino Romano, basil pesto, a drizzle of olive oil.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is mushroom risotto?

Risotto is a Northern Italian classic, a creamy rice dish made with short-grain Arborio rice. This special grain is starchy and creates a rich, creamy sauce when cooked. Making risotto takes time and is a specific process of adding a little bit of liquid at a time so the grains absorb it slowly. Mushroom risotto is just risotto that has been made with mushrooms. DeLallo Quick-Cook Mushroom Risotto shortens the process of cooking traditional risotto.

What does “quick cook” mean?

Quick cook refers to a risotto product where the rice is pre-cooked so that the risotto can be made quickly and easily right from the box. Making traditional risotto is a lengthy and more complex process. DeLallo Quick-Cook Risotto uses a slow absorption cooking process—a method that mimics from-scratch risotto you’d make at home. Rice is parboiled, then simmered in a flavorful broth until the liquid is absorbed. Rice is then dried slowly over 24 hours to capture that ideal al dente texture.

What does risotto taste like?

The flavors of risotto depend on what ingredients are used in the cooking process. Risotto is a rich dish and so it tastes like rice, but with a creamy, silky texture. When making homemade risotto, you can use olive oil, butter or dry white wine. These ingredients will shape the flavor of the final creamy Arborio rice dish.

What is the difference between risotto and rice?

Simply put, risotto is the classic Northern Italian creamy rice dish that is made with starchy grains, either Arborio or Carnaroli rice. The starches from these rice varieties create their own sauce when cooked.

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Now: $2.47
Was: $4.95

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