Fire-Roasted Tomatoes

Product Weight:
14.5 oz.


DeLallo Fire-Roasted Tomatoes are an all-star ingredient. Not only are they a convenient canned diced tomato, but one with a stunning flavor profile. We start with red-ripe California Roma tomatoes picked at just the right moment, and then we chargrill them for that signature sweet smoky flavor. Tomatoes are diced and then packed in a light juice—ready to add another dimension to your favorite dishes. Unlike tomato sauce or purée, this canned tomato product gives your recipes texture that will hold up to cooking.

Now you can unlock that smoky flavor without putting your fresh summer tomatoes in the oven on a baking sheet for 30 minutes or more. Our red-ripe California Tomatoes are chargrilled for another level of flavor—beyond oven-roasted tomatoes. These diced tomatoes are perfect for Tex Mex dishes, like salsas and quesadillas, but also bruschetta, pizza, pasta and more.

  • Vine-ripened California Roma tomatoes.
  • Packed in light tomato juice.
  • Irresistible smoky-sweet chargrilled flavor. 
  • Diced for cooking convenience. 
  • Chunky tomato texture.
  • Ready-to-use ingredient.
  • Perfect for Tex-Mex and Mexican-inspired recipes.

Kitchen and Usage Tips:

Fire-Roasted Tomatoes are diced and ready to add their smoky-sweet flavor to a number of your favorite everyday recipes like homemade pizza, pasta and braised meats. These chargrilled Roma tomatoes are a great way to add some flavor to tomato-based soups, stews and chili recipes. Fire-Roasted Tomatoes are an excellent addition to Tex-Mex dishes and homemade Mexican-inspired favorites like tacos, quesadillas, salsa dips, burritos, taco bowls and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are Fire-Roasted Tomatoes? Fire-Roasted Tomatoes are red ripe tomatoes that are chargrilled over an open flame. The resulting tomatoes boast a sweet and smoky flavor that is perfect in nearly any application. DeLallo Fire-Roasted Tomatoes are diced and packed in tomato juice—available in a convenient can so you can have these flavorful tomatoes always on-hand in your pantry. 

What Is The Difference Between Fire-Roasted Tomatoes And Roasted Tomatoes? Fire-Roasted Tomatoes are chargrilled over an open flame to create a bold smoky-sweet tomato flavor. Roasted Tomatoes are slowly roasted to impart a slight sweetness and a hint of smokiness, but they are not nearly as flavorful as the fire-roasted varieties.

What Is The Difference Between Fire-Roasted Tomatoes And Regular Tomatoes? Fire-Roasted Tomatoes are a canned tomato product featuring red ripe tomatoes that have an added smoky-sweet flavor from roasting over a flame. This chargrilled flavor is distinct and adds a new dimension of flavor to recipes. They are also diced, giving the final dish a chunky tomato texture.

Regular tomatoes come in a can or jar in many different preparations. Depending on their usage, these tomatoes are either raw or cooked down and can be crushed, whole, peeled, diced, stewed or made into a sauce.

How Are Fire-Roasted Tomatoes Used? Fire-Roasted Tomatoes can be used in any recipe or dish that calls for tomatoes. Their specific smoky-sweet flavor and chunky tomato texture is perfect for chili recipes. Their chargrilled flavor is a natural complement to Tex-Mex dishes and Mexican-inspired entrées such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, salsas, rice bowls and more.

Are Fire-Roasted Tomatoes Spicy? No, Fire-Roasted Tomatoes are not spicy. There is no added peppers or spice to create heat. Fire-Roasted Tomatoes take on a sweetness and smokiness from being chargrilled over a flame. For spicy tomatoes, look for canned diced tomatoes with minced chili peppers or jalapeños.

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