Lemon Biscotti

Product Weight:
7 oz.


Twice-baked in small batches for their signature golden crunch, these handcrafted dessert cookies are made from an Italian recipe, boasting a delicately sweet, buttery flavor with a kiss of lemony goodness.

DeLallo bakers preserve the artisanal tradition of Italy’s beloved bakery with this mini twice-baked Italian cookie. Carefully crafted for a delicately sweet buttery flavor, citrusy aroma and golden crunch, these irresistible all-natural cookies are the perfect after-dinner delicacy and morning snack with hot tea or coffee. DeLallo Biscotti are baked in small batches and shaped and cut by-hand to deliver an authentic experience. These loveable minis perfectly for on-the-go snacking.

*During the shipping process some of this item may crack or break

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