Artisan Vesuvio (Girelle)

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Vesuvio, also known as Girelle, is a short cut of pasta with a distinct semi-hollow corkscrew shape. With roots in Campania, Italy, this artisan pasta shape is named for the currently dormant volcano of the region, Mt. Vesuvius. The curly spring shape is excellent for scooping up sauces and chunky ingredients.

DeLallo Artisan Pasta comes from the town where pasta was born, a region near Naples, at the beginning of the Amalfi Coast. The art of making our pasta begins with the very best quality wheat. We carefully choose wheat with the highest gluten index, gluten content and protein content. All of these characteristics affect how the pasta cooks, as well as its taste and texture. The durum wheat is milled into coarse ground semolina flour and then carefully kneaded with cold, fresh, mineral-rich mountain spring water. We use a tradtional static cell drying process for our artisan pasta. Once pasta is extruded into shapes, it is transferred to a mesh screen then put into a drying cell with a controlled low temperature. This slow-drying method respects the ingredients and preserves the best characteristics of the wheat.

  • Artisan pasta made in Naples, Italy.
  • Exclusive blend of superior durum wheat with a high gluten content.
  • Extruded with bronze dies to create a rougher surface that better absorbs and captures sauces.
  • Unique curly corkscrew shape.
  • Slowly dried using a static cell drying method that allows wheat to maintain its best flavor, color and texture.
  • Cooks up al dente: a tender but firm bite with a fleck of white at its center—what we call the pasta’s soul.
  • Made in a facility free of eggs, peanuts and tree nuts. Vegan.
  • Online exclusive.

Kitchen and Usage Tips:

  1. Bring 4 quarts of salted water to a boil.
  2. Add desired amount of pasta to boiling water. Reduce heat to a gentle boil.
  3. Cook for 14-16 minutes for desired texture. Stir often.
  4. Drain carefully. Serve with your favorite sauce.

For tips on cooking pasta, check out our article How To Cook Perfect Pasta.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Vesuvio pasta? Vesuvio is an artisan Italian pasta made with durum wheat semolina and water. Its name translates as “swivel,” referring to its many twists and turns. This pasta can be described as a semi-hollow corkscrew shape and its those same curves that make it excellent for catching sauces and small bites of ingredients.

What is Vesuvio pasta made of? Traditionally, Vesuvio pasta is made of hard durum wheat semolina and water. Vesuvio can also be made with eggs for a richer, heartier flavor. DeLallo Artisan Vesuvio Pasta is made with high-quality durum wheat semolina and mountain fresh spring water.

What makes artisan Vesuvio so special? Artisan Vesuvio is a unique and fun curly pasta shape. When it comes to DeLallo Artisan Vesuvio, this remarkable pasta is made with only the best ingredients and years of pasta making expertise. The finest durum wheat is chosen for its high gluten and protein content. This wheat is specially milled into semolina flour. Once the dough is created, it is extruded for its shape using artisanal bronze dies. Like all DeLallo Artisan Pasta, Vesuvio is dried using a special process called static cell drying, which allows the noodles to dry at a low temperature and retain their nutritional value, texture and flavor.

What is Vesuvio used for? Vesuvio is a versatile pasta shape that shines in a number of creations. We love Vesuvio simply tossed with basil pesto sauce. For other simple preparations, brown butter and sage are a great option. Heartier options for this artisan pasta include wild mushroom sauce, creamy tomato vodka sauce and even a hearty Bolognese meat sauce.

What is Vesuvio also known as? Vesuvio pasta is a semi-hollow spiral shape that is also called Girelle. Its corkscrew shape is reminiscent of fusilli or rotini, but this artisan pasta is quite unique.

How do I pronounce Vesuvio? Vesuvio is pronounced vuh-SOO-vee-oh.

How do I pronounce Girelle pasta? Girelle is pronounced gee-REL-eh.

What is the closest substitute to Vesuvio? Short cuts such as Riccioli, Fusilli col Buco, Fusilli and Rotini can stand in for this curly corkscrew pasta.

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