How to Build an Easter Brunch Board

An easter brunch board is my new favorite kind of cheese board because… breakfast. And snacks. And cocktails. After all, brunch is an excuse to consume all of those things together, so let’s get to it! To view the full post, click here!

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recipe by : @howsweeteats



  • An assortment of cheeses, such as Asiago, Cranberry Stilton, Humboldt Fog, Sharp Cheddar
  • First, arrange the board with things that can be made ahead of time. Deviled eggs can be made a few hours or even a day ahead of time. Soft boiled eggs can be made shortly before eating, but they aren’t like a fried egg that needs to be served instantly.
  • Take advantage of breads and pastries! For instance, donuts and croissants. Everyone loves those. After that, get bagels and your favorite bread for toasting.
  • I took hints from my smoked salmon platter and added in some of those elements. Smoked salmon, a little cream cheese, veggies that are excellent for topping, lots of everything seasoning.
  • You can slice an avocado and make toasts or use it as a side for salmon. And a donut of course.
  • The classics? Cheese cheese and more cheese! I like a sharp cheddar, something soft like Humboldt fog or a similar goat cheese and then I love to go for a washed rind cheese – like merlot soaked parmesan.
  • A few charcuterie favorites – prosciutto is my number one. Any sort of sliced salami too.
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