• Long Fusilli col Buco Pasta

    Long Fusilli col Buco Pasta

    This long, spiral pasta is named for the “hole” running down its center. It’s as fun to eat as it looks! Traditionally served with a Neopolitan Ragù meat sauce, Fusilli col Buco also pairs wonderfully with porcini mushrooms,...

  • Penne Rigate Pasta

    Penne Rigate Pasta

    Named for its “pen” shape, this well-known cut has angular ends that draw sauce into its hollow body. This, along with its ridges, make Penne Rigate a perfect cut for fresh tomato sauces with mozzarella and basil. It pairs great with the...

  • Elbows Pasta

    Elbows Pasta

    Elbows are small tubes with curved bodies perfect for capturing sauces. Known for their starring role in cheesy baked macaroni dishes, this c-shaped pasta is a great for simple tomato and vegetable sauces, as well as creamy cold pasta recipes. DeLallo...

  • Pasta Shells

    Pasta Shells

    This prized pasta is seashell-shaped with a concave body ideal for scooping up thicker sauces and small bits of vegetables. Shells are a versatile pasta that shines in everything from cheesy baked pasta dishes with ricotta and crumbled Italian sausage to...

  • Penne Ziti Pasta

    Penne Ziti Pasta

    With an irresistibly smooth tube-like shape, Penne Ziti is a popular short cut famous for its starring role in cheesy baked pasta dishes. DeLallo Pasta comes from the town where pasta was born, a region near Naples, at the beginning of the Amalfi Coast...

  • Fettuccine Egg Noodles

    Fettuccine Egg Noodles

    Gloriously golden and made with only the finest durum wheat and farm-fresh eggs, DeLallo Egg Pasta is ready to bring every sauce to life. From hearty meat ragù to rich and creamy Alfredo, this authentic Italian pasta is flavorful enough to stand...

  • Ricotta & Mushroom Tortellini

    Ricotta & Mushroom Tortellini

    Classic ring-shaped Italian egg pasta pinched around a savory filling of creamy ricotta and earthy porcini mushrooms. Authentic Italian recipe. Superior egg pasta with delicate flavor and texture. Stuffed with creamy ricotta and flavorful porcini...