Sweet Red Peppers (Strips)

Product Weight:
16 oz.


DeLallo Sweet Red Peppers are a pickled pepper antipasto made with red bell peppers that are cut into strips, and then marinated in a tangy-sweet vinegar. These sweet red pepper strips are an incredible ingredient ready to add color and flavor to your antipasto creations, as well as charcuterie boards, cheese plates and more.

  • Sweet red bell peppers picked at the peak of flavor.
  • Irresistible tangy-sweet pickled pepper.
  • Easy upgrade for charcuterie and cheese boards.
  • Versatile gourmet ingredient for a burst of color and flavor.


Sweet Red Pepper Strips are a tasty addition to cheese boards, charcuterie plates and antipasto spreads as a stand-alone antipasto. They pair up well with soft, creamy cheeses, making them a delicious crostini topping alongside ricotta, goat cheese or fresh mozzarella. Garnish garden salads, pasta salads, wraps, paninis and more. Use them to create a sweet red pepper relish or sweet red pepper jelly.


What is a sweet red pepper? It is a sweet red bell pepper that is cut into strips and then marinated in tangy vinegar. The resulting pickled pepper is an exquisite antipasto, pizza and sandwich topping, salad garnish and more.

Are sweet red peppers hot (spicy)? No, these peppers are made with sweet red bell peppers. They are not spicy at all.

Can I eat sweet peppers raw? These peppers can be eaten right out of the jar. Think of them as you would pickles. They are not for cooking, but to be eaten in their marinated, or pickled, state.

Can I use sweet peppers instead of bell peppers? Sweet Red Pepper Strips are not for cooking. They are bell peppers that have been pickled, or marinated in a briny, tangy vinegar marinade. While they can top pizzas and flatbreads and other hot foods, they are best as a garnish, not a hot ingredient.

What is the difference between sweet red peppers and cherry peppers? There are many types of sweet peppers that come in many colors, shapes and sizes. Cherry peppers are small and round. While they are sweet, they are also a bit spicy. Red bell peppers are not.

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