Private Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Product Weight:
16.9 oz.


DeLallo Private Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an exquisite tribute to the Italian olive. Calling upon generations of olive oil making and expertise, we have created a superior extra virgin olive oil made to be savored. Only the highest quality of olives are hand-selected for this exclusive Italian oil, ones that are specially sourced from small, privately-owned orchards in Sicily and Tuscany. Each varietal is chosen for its unique flavor profile and ultimately what it brings to our beloved DeLallo family blend. 

Our Private Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil boasts a lightly herbaceous aroma with a distinctly delicate and sweet green-olive fruitiness. It finishes with subtle notes of garden tomato and almond.

  • Premium extra virgin olive oil.
  • Grown, harvested and packaged in Italy.
  • Single country of origin.
  • Superior olives sourced from small, privately owned orchards.
  • First cold press of olives for fresh olive flavor.
  • Part of the famously healthy Mediterranean diet.
  • A versatile oil for everything from cooking to baking to dressing.

Kitchen and Usage Tips:

Made from the first cold press of olives, this artfully balanced extra virgin olive oil is best enjoyed in its raw form, where its bold and bright olive flavor can shine. Our family loves to use it in the simplest of ways. Dress leafy green salads or add a last-minute drizzle to hot soups, creamy risotto and pasta dishes. Finish grilled meats, fish and vegetables. The best use, of course, is the simplest of all—drizzling on a piece of fresh, crusty Italian bread.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is private reserve extra virgin olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oils labeled “private reserve” are typically small-batch olive oils made with specially selected olives. This may also mean that the amount of extra virgin olive oil available to purchase is limited. To create extra virgin olive oil, in general, the oil is extracted by the first cold press. This provides a super flavorful and fresh raw olive flavor. No heat or chemicals are used in the extraction process, allowing the natural flavors to shine through. DeLallo Private Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made with exceptional olives that are sourced from privately owned Italian orchards.

What makes this premium extra virgin olive oil so special?

The superior olives used in this premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil are at the heart of what makes it so special. Olives are specially sourced from small, local orchards in Tuscany and Sicily. The fruit is selected for its unique flavor profiles and how they balance each other. Each detail is taken into account!  Not only this, but generations of olive oil expertise go into each bottle of DeLallo Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

What is the difference between DeLallo Private Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil and DeLallo Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

The biggest difference between DeLallo Private Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil and DeLallo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the selection of olives used. The olives for our Private Reserve product are specially sourced from local, privately owned orchards. Both of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are authentic Italian and single source products. Both can be used in the same ways and shine in their raw form.

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