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DeLallo Pizza Dough Kit 17.6 oz.



The DeLallo Italian Pizza Dough Kit features a staple in all Italian pizza shops, type 00 flour. This specialty Italian flour comes from high quality wheat that is milled for a superfine, powder-like texture. Type 00 flour creates the perfect elasticity for pizza dough—from the thin, crisp Neapolitan-style crust to the thicker, chewier focaccia. With our super simple step-by-step instruct.ions, there are no chefs necessary. You can bake up a superior pizza pie, no matter your level of kitchen expertise. Create homemade pizzas, focaccias, flatbreads, stromboli and calzones. Features superfine type 00 flour, a staple in traditional Italian pizza making. Flour with yeast packet included. Just add water. Create both thin, crispy crusts and chewy Neopolitan-style crusts. Makes 4 thin (or 2 thick) 10-inch pizzas.


Create homemade pizzas, focaccias, flatbreads, stromboli and calzones.

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