5 Recipes to Make with Orecchiette

POSTED September 9, 2019

Orecchiette, translated as “little ear” in Italian, is a small, ear-shaped pasta that originated in southern Italy. We love to pair orecchiette with rich, creamy sauces and rustic vegetables, because the small, indented shape makes it perfect for scooping extra flavor into every bite. Try these five orecchiette recipes to get a taste of why these little ears are one of our favorite pasta shapes.

Our whole wheat orecchiette is ideal for vegetable pasta dishes. The nutty whole wheat flavor and chewy texture works perfectly with crisp, earthy eggplant and zucchini. Roasted Red Pepper Bruschetta, crushed tomatoes and traditional basil pesto combine to make a zippy tomato sauce that will have veggie-lovers coming back for a second helping.

If you’re looking to get your greens in, this recipe will do the trick. We combine our toasty, nutty whole wheat orecchiette with our favorite green veggies—sweet peas, broccoli rabe and chopped green onion. Top it off with our traditional pesto sauce and you have a killer pasta dish on your hands.

This dish is another example where bite-sized orecchiette is the perfect pasta shape. In this one, the small, ear-shaped pasta adds the perfect burst of chewy texture alongside a brothy sauce of chickpeas, tomatoes and tangy-savory eggplant caponata. This protein-packed pasta sauce is perfect for meatless Monday, but it’s so delicious you might want it every night of the week.

This dish features some of our favorite Italian flavors. Spicy pork sausage, tender stalks of broccoli rabe and sharp Parmigiana Reggiano cheese, all served alongside al dente orecchiette pasta.

This recipe delivers the perfect marriage of textures and flavors. We dress chewy orecchiette pasta in a creamy, cheesy sauce with flecks of salty chopped pancetta and bursts of sweetness from green peas. Orecchiette is the perfect pasta for this recipe, as the tender “little ears” scoop mouthfuls of tender green peas and crispy pancetta in each bite.

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