Super Summer Salads


When the weather is this beautiful, it’s tempting to eat every meal “al fresco.” And few things taste better in a warm summer breeze than a fresh, crisp salad. Preferably paired with a perfectly chilled glass of Rosé.

Today, we’ve put together a selection of salad recipes that are tasty, healthy and easy to make. Don’t be surprised if they are the first dish to go during your mid-summer cookouts!

If you ask us, Caprese still has the stronghold on the quintessential summer salad. It just feels right. Mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil are a simple but irresistible combination—the fresher, the better!

Like we promised, this recipe is just about as close as you can get to literally throwing together a few ingredients. After you chop up your fresh tomatoes, everything you need will be ready to go out of the package. Whisk together your Simply Pesto Traditional Basil and olive oil, then toss it in a large serving bowl with your tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. Drizzle it with Modenacrem Balsamic Glaze, and you’re good to go!

Salads don’t have to start with a bed of leafy greens. As a matter of fact, sometimes it’s a nice change of pace to skip them all together.

Our nutty, savory chickpeas take center stage in this fresh, crunchy dish and boy do they live up to the challenge. These meaty, protein-packed legumes are an ideal choice for a salad that needs a little bulking up to stand in as a summer lunch.

Once your chickpeas are rinsed and drained, and your onion and celery chopped, toss it all in a bowl with garlic, rosemary, and our famous pickled Pepper Rings (say that three times fast!) Give it a good mix, dress it up a bit with your oil and vinegar and dive right in. This is one salad that won’t hinder your plans for an after-lunch dip.

Have a lot of summer zucchini sitting around? Why not create a summery salad! Bust out your spiralizer for this burst of summer flavor.

Combine fresh zucchini, carrots, jalapeño & watermelon radish with our Honey Sesame Veggie Marinade for one super simple lunch or dinner! Pairs well with a glass of rosé & friends!

If you’re planning to throw some kebabs on the grill, this is the side dish to choose. Mediterranean food is all about letting a few bold ingredients make big statements, and this salad gives our Calamata olives and pepperoncini (mild, or hot if you feel a bit daring) the chance to show off a bit.

We’re skipping the cruciferous stuff one more time in favor of cool cucumbers. You’ll have to work them through a mandolin or grab a vegetable peeler for the ribbons you’ll need, but then you’re just a toss away from the ideal early dinner. You’ll adore how our fire-roasted diced tomatoes play off the smoke of your meat or vegetable kebabs.

If you’re as food obsessed as we are, you know that eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables is so important. This salad makes it easy, featuring a colorful selection of Mediterranean delights and two kinds of fresh lettuce. Toasted pine nuts add a nice crunch and subtle buttery sweetness.

Roasted piquillo peppers, picked at the height of ripeness in Peru, add a sweet smoke and a pop of bright red to the dish. Marinated artichokes and crunchy pine nuts add the texture and taste to keep your mouth entertained as you make your way through this luscious leafy salad.

When you think about watermelon in the summer, pink, juicy slices probably spring to mind. But watermelon can be a lot more versatile than that. In fact, it’s one of those sweet, bright flavors that can take your salad to the next level.

You’ll skewer your shrimp with crushed garlic (always a good start). Chop your romaine and dice your watermelon while the skewers are soaking, and then toss the romaine with our Golden Sweet Balsamic Vinegar. Top with the shrimp, watermelon, and tangy goat cheese crumbles and enjoy.

We hope you’ll get the chance to enjoy these summery salads while it’s still nice out, even if you’re staying in with the A/C. As always, we’re looking forward to sharing more tips for making your summer taste even better!

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