Winter Carbonara

Winter Carbonara

With its rich flavors, creamy texture and filling presence (from the eggs and pork), carbonara is the definition of comfort food, really. This classic is more than ready to take on the winter months—especially now that we’ve got a few variations up our sleeves. These killer carbonara recipes add some seasonal flair and add some color to your winter meal lineup.

Spaghetti Carbonara is an Italian pasta dish with creamy egg, diced bacon, grated cheese and copious amounts of black pepper—a Roman dish reminiscent of an American breakfast. Skinnytaste created this lightened up version perfect for all your New Year’s resolutions.

For a fall-inspired twist on this classic carbonara, we include earthy kale, creamy butternut squash and fragrant sage. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

You think you know carbonara, but have you tried this mushroom-loaded take on the traditional pasta sauce? Garlic, thyme, earthy mushrooms, butter… it’s the simplicity of this recipe that takes it to another level.

Talk about comfort. We love this delicious recipe created by one of our favorite blogger friends, Skinnytaste!

This is another one of our carbonara favorites, using in-season Brussels Sprouts. A win-win all the way around.